Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


amazing concept and love the composition, can’t wait to see the final


This is looking fantastic. There’s a real sense of story and intrigue about this image which draws the viewer into the scene. Oh yeah, and it’s done beautifully too! I agree with Simon about the floor tiles being at an unusual angle against the bases of the columns. By the way, I really like your use of lighting, especially making use of the dark shaded bits for contrast - that adds a lot to the drama of the scene and perfectly matches that golden age sci fi look you describe. Bravo!


Hey Tisiano you seems to be really inspired , the Zeron lady got beautiful colors and you already got your image . Good lusk my friend .


Thank you very very much for all your comments, suggestions and wonderful encouragement !

Here is the, slightly revised, sketch:

Baron, Mark I’ve given a bit more space to the main Zeron and changed the pattern on the floor.

Nekomouse and Dragot: I’ve toned down the standing maquis, hopefully he fits better (and yes, the Zeron will be warm, she’s a red one).

Pegahoul, yes, she is 'shifting on the spot, I’m glad it reads right.

DonRallo thank you! It’s Painter with a bit of detailing in Photoshop.

LightSovereign, Jupy, scala, thank you so much, happy you like!


Wonderful stuff. The little changes are excellent. This is already a really cool illustration. By the way, I love the way you’ve done that little bit of shine on the foreground column :thumbsup:


Definite improvement, looking really good so far :thumbsup:


now thats neat:)nicely toned overall,i

  • will fit in time to finish this for sure:)


Actually… hmm. I think the guy was better shaded in #33. I think the reason he looked too dark was because the pillar beside him is too bright. He’s meant to be secretive, merging into the shadows, and now it looks like he’s standing out in the sunlight.

Just my thoughts, it’s still coming on excellent :thumbsup:


Thank you Michael. :slight_smile:

Baron, thank you so much, that’s extremely helpful. :slight_smile:


Here comes the very first color study, nothing is set in stone right now color-wise, even though I do think that the Zeron girl will do well in red.

According to the Baron’s suggestion I darkened a bit the central pillar (and the standing maquis with it) opinions?


Looking like a photo there, Thaldir :O…loving the shading on the right pillar! yea…its a nice refreshing ambience from all the hyper colours of my work and others…

Great effort!



Quite an interesting setting, great work on the shading, keep it up.


Looking awesome Thaldir.
I do like her in red!


LightSovereign, teq, Nekomouse thank you!

…hmmm, if no one objects, I think the color scheme could be this one, then :). Will do my very best not to lose in color anyone of the good points the sketch had, feel free to rap my knuckles if I do. :slight_smile:


I like this scene! Good viewing angle!..
I can not wait to see more!

Good luck!


Yep, it’s looking good. Some very natural poses and good composition.

One minor crit, I think the lighting is a little bright in places; the blue light on the left-most pillar especially. All I’ll say now is look at the woman’s right arm and also at the floor - that’s the ambience and hue I think you should be aiming for.

Keep up the good work, it’s on its way to being a winner!


There’s a nice sense of anticipation about this piece. Keep it going it’s an interesting theme.


morganvillette Thank you, :slight_smile: working on it!

BaronImpossible thank you, Simon, will pay particular attention to the lights thank you for your keen eyes and support!

Pearlyking thank you so much! Glad the mood works for you. :slight_smile:


I like the layout overall, you have a nice diagonal line running from left top to bottom right. You do need a quarter inch more space on the left and the top or crop into the female character to perhaps create more presence of action. Unlike other comments, my eye first goes towards the kneeling guy he is the only one outside of the diagonal vision line. The girl is the last visual factor though, and as I believe you mean for her to be the focus, you might want to mix things up to refocus the eye.


I can’t offer any crits. Just wanted to say this is looking fantastic