Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


Thank you Michael! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with, hope we both will have time to finish! :slight_smile:


Yay, Thaldir is here! Most awesome to see you in the challenge. Your aliens are always so delightful. :twisted: I will be keeping an eye on your work as usual, O great master! Good luck!


Oh my, Bronwen! The confidence vote is really, really appreciated but I think I need still quite a bit of experience (CG-wise) before daring to think of such a title. :slight_smile:

Feel free to drop by at any time :slight_smile: , I’m finishing a commission but in a couple of days I’ll be ready for an update here.


Fascinating start ! I will definitely stay tuned ! :thumbsup:


very sexy! the skin textures are really cool!


Thank you, Peter & Arianna !

Now that I’ve finished the commission I was working on, I should be able to post an update soon. Another alien concept related to the Zeron but definitely less “sexy”.:twisted:


While your skills are impressive, I feel like the provocative female form has been done to death in sci-fi art. It’s almost a cliché. You might want to try something else. Just my two cents.


Looking forward to what you are going to show us next. :scream:


looking very cool…love the colours and the textures…


vmulligan thanks for the compliment, you are right, of course, about the babes (although I see them more as a ‘classical’ subject, like the hunky, loin-cloth clad barbarian), but keep in mind that this was just a body study with a pose I like. The mood won’t be necessarily the same ( in fact it won’t be the same at all).

, thank you! Just a bit more of patience…I’m working on it. :slight_smile:

Thank you! The texture was the main development from my previous Zeron version, looks like it’s here to stay. ;).


It looks great,looking forward to see more.


wooohoooooooooooo! :eek: :bounce: hey bro!! :love: rockin, sexy, cool concept!! :love: me waiting to see this one evolve!! great to see you here bro! missed ya a lot! :cry:


And here comes the first sketch, a bit later than expected but RL has started intruding already.

As you can see I went for one of the ‘classical’ human-alien interactions of golden age SF. The two human maquis seems to be in for a nasty surprise…

…I did tell you that Zeron are shape-shifters, didn’t I? :wink:

I’d really appreciate your input, particularly composition-wise


Nevs, pal, I’m sorry! I posted on your thread, then the forum started getting reaaallly slow and I didn’t answer here… :frowning:

Very, very happy to see you in the Challenge, you have been sorely missed. :slight_smile:


The composition’s pretty good - the main focus on the left and the clustered secondary focus on the right. The main alien is just a bit close to the border left and top.

Slight problem with the pattern on the floor - wouldn’t the tiles be square on to the column base?


Whoa! This is getting really cool! She’s shapeshifting on the sketch, right? Looks nice!


BY witch software is this great sketch made?

I realy like this style of drawing.


That is looking awesome! My only beef with the composition at the moment is that the standing man is very dark and that was the very first thing my eyes were drawn to, rather than the Zeron girl. If this is your intent that is cool. I don’t know what colour scheme you are going for, but perhaps if the Zeron girl is in a warm colour it would draw attention to her first?


a winning formula, Tiz :smiley: bloody great a;ready, very photorealistic



ya man i agree. this ls looking like it will be one of the top images in this contest.
I have to agree with Neko as well about the man in black being way too dark and
a bit distracting at the moment.
Im really digging that Female though :stuck_out_tongue: hehe…
speaking of which i think i might make the boobs on my female character bigger now lol