Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Tiziano Baracchi


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Hello, everybody!

Here we go again, with another great topic to explore, best of luck to you all and, most of all, have fun!:arteest: :beer:


Hey it’s always great to see you in these challenges. I have no doubt you’ll dazzle us with another superb entry. Good luck mate!


Thank you so much for the vote of confidence and the well-wishes, my friend. :slight_smile:

Please, tell me you are entering as well, it wouldn’t be the same without you!


You’re very kind :slight_smile:

I don’t know. It depends on how much time (and also energy) I can spare. But I’ll definitely be dropping by to watch


*waves at Thaldir , I might have to give this one a shot


Believe me, Mark I can relate fairly well, well, at the very least I’ll hope for some of your always well thought advice, deal?

Waves back to Linda, Hey, just saw your thread, ‘once more onto the breach, my friends!’ :wink:


Here I am with the fisrt alien’s concept sketch…

If you think she looks somewhat familiar you are right, this lady is a Zeron, and you may have seen some of her people in my ‘Alien Triad’(or my avatar :wink: ) .
Zeron have kept me company, in my dreams, since I was a teen, and looks like they are changing and evolving with time.


And the figure is pretty expressive. I wonder what is she wearing(or is she at all). Is it just her skin tone and armored body plates growing from it? Or this is some sophisticated costume for body protection?


Great start, amazing detail for a concept sketch. Look forward to seeing more :slight_smile:


Hey Tiziano, nice to see you again in other challenge my friend :smiley: Great initial concept. Like a lot the gesture and pose, cool. Cheers :beer:


The color and atmosphere on her is great. Looking forward to finding out what type of situation she gets herself into.


Its a novel concept really, concept pieces looking like actual finished pieces…Jeez i dunno :)…very sensuous figure, awesome start Tiziano :).



Too sexy… the pose, the atmosphere but the head remind me a Predator-like alien…


Great start! The scribbly texture across the skin is unexpected, and very effective. Your skills in figure drawing are always impressive


Great sketch! I think sexy blue alien babes are a staple in any teenage boys daydreams…or they should be. I enjoy the sort of “iridescent” marbling texture along her body.


whoot, is she sexy or what? Great sketch and very nice coloring.


A sketch that is out of this world, so much is expressed and implied. Beautiful work so far.


Well, thank you! I’m glad she meets with such approuval. :slight_smile:

organnah you got it right at the first try, all her ‘clothing’ (helmet included) is really part of her body.

BaronImpossible, LightSovereign LOL! I I meant to do a simpler study, really, but I found I couldn’t let her go until I got to this point…happy she intrigues you.

Ferx, SFedor Thank you so much! Hope you’ll like what will follow.

Really happy you see her this way, in fact Zeron are both seductive and predatory

mdavid, ScottC
thank you! The texture is the main change from my previous interpretation of the Zeron, I’m happy you find it effective, they have a physical form but are also energy beings , so I tried to have some sort of ‘inner energy’ showing through.

grafixsuz, JuanManuel Thank you! Hope you’ll follow the developments.


good stuff,ur concept sketches look almost like a finish art,nice details:)