Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Theo Chronis


now I think it looks better… The poses are a little more dramatic and more wrestling-like. Now I’m gonna work on the other characters , the 2 coaches, the referee and the surrounding crowd, who I have neglected long enough. I hope I can finish it in time…


One of the best concepts i’ve seen so far. I really like your latest composition, I think it works well. Best of luck. Brad


Ok I worked on the coach and the uplifted ape who are part of the human team. I’m trying to find what their size should be in order to have a strong composition… In the back you can see a big seated figure… that’s the High chancelor of the universal federation…he has good reason to watch the match really carefully…

P.S. People thank you for your most kind words…


I did some work on the bodies of the 2 wrestlers and also tried to flesh out the other characters of the scene: the neo-gorilla, with a surprising and sad look on his face stares at the human coach who is really depressed by the way things turned out. On the other side of the wrestling ground stands the alien coach smiling in content.
Comments are welcome.
I just hope I can finish the piece in time…


Fantastic work Theo! The pose and tension are working great. I’m liking the interaction you’ve placed with the audience with the latest wip aswell. Keep rendering, not much time left!



I have decided to give this image everything I’ve got so I can finish in time…
I’m pretty happy with the Human coach’s head now (I did it all again from scratch) and with the background, which was way too bright and distracting from the main action. I dressed up the neo gorilla and stared adding crowd to the scene… I also made some changes to the color scheme of the general lighting, think it works better now. I expect to be finished in about a week if not earlier…

P.S. Fetus, thanks for the wonderful comment my friend. Your piece is great. I wish you the best of luck…




here’s the latest wip…


Hi Theo.

I like your style. Very good textures and expressions.Also very good colors.
Maybe the yellow light of background distracts a little.
Only 6 days to finish. Maybe u must elliminate some characters.
Anyway very good job.
Keep it up.


Original idea, and excellent way of painting. I like the expression, attitude of characters.
Effort make by wrestler is really well done.

keep up.



As you can see I’m very close to finishing.I think I need about 2 days to render everything and another one to add some final touches… hope everyone likes it and thanks for the warm comments too!!!


As you can see, I am refining everything, I have balanced the lighting and coloring a bit, added textures and almost finished painting all the characters. Tell me what you think… I believe the next upload will be my final image…


theo it looks impressive, you probably going to win this challenge with that style,
nice work.


It was an utter disaster for the Terran Federation… An absolute disgrace for the Human Race and all its vassal Races… A Day of grief for Men, Women, Neo-Apes and Neo-Dolphins. It was the Day that Earth, The Cradle Planet, fell into the claws of the Xiagharni Empire.
A thousand and sixty two years have passed since the end of the Great Trans-Galactic Wars and the foundation of the Universal Peace Organization. Since the day that all intelligent races in the Known Universe agreed to destroy their powerful weapons (capable of wiping out entire solar systems) and never again let the universe be witness to such brutality and devastation.
Ever since, whenever a dispute or territorial claim arose between two factions, the high council of the UPO would intervene so that the matter would be solved in a non violent manner. Through the ages, athletic competitions became the norm for such dealings, especially wrestling games.
When the Xiagharni challenged the Terrans, everyone suspected that they would try to bend the rules, but no spy could find out anything more than that their scientists were working on revolutionary uplift engineering, and that their wrestler would be of the Chraal race.
The Xiagharni lured the humans by offering (in case they lose) their resort planet Askra, one of the most valuable planets in the entire universe which brought a huge amount of income to them every year, but demanded Earth if they won the match.
The humans did not worry though, and accepted the challenge since at the time they had the single best wrestling team in the world led by the star champion Alexei Chuskja and the famous coach Filkor Radstrom, a former wrestling champ himself.
The two sides contacted the UPO and arranged for the match to take place in the space palace of Trull, home of the High Chancellor of the Organisation, who would also act as judge for the game.
No one could believe the nerve of the Imperials. To challenge the Terrans like this was pure insolence, but the match attracted much publicity and the crowds were swarming to the space palace to see what would happen.
A few moments after the begining of the match it seemed as all was over for the Chraal wrestler since Chuskja managed to pull of his most famous and dangerous grapples, that is impossible to escape from. It was then that the Xiagharni decided to show their achievements in genetic engineering: In the blink of an eye, the Chraal’s body dematerialized and poured through the human champion’s arms, materializing again behind him, grabbing his neck in the process. Chuskja never knew what hit him and with a slight pull by the alien, was found lying with his back on the ground. The human coach passed out from the shock but thanks to Umar, the neo-gorilla wrestler’s immediate response, escaped a heart attack. The High Chancelor raised his arm. That was it. Humans had fell for the fiasco. Earth was lost.


Good final :bowdown:


hey bro! damn … kickin my butt now for missing this! … spectacular is surely not enough to describe this entry! so dynamic … rich in humor and visuals too! :eek:
you’ll win man! you’ll win!! :buttrock: god bless ya! congratulations for a fine entry! :thumbsup:


Hey Everybody!!! This Challenge was such a ride man! So glad I decided to participate. I want to thank the CG Society for giving me and everyone else this opportunity to create some beautifull art, and also to thank every fellow artist so much for their comments and critique, they kept me going all the way.

@MartinNielsen: :beer: cheers mate I wish you all the best!!

@ThePineman & @Nwiz25: Thank you for your warm and encouraging words my friends!!! I am very glad to see that my work can generate enthusiasm. That’s the real prize for me. I think it’s still too early to discuss about winning or losing though. I don’t want to get too exited about it since it’s my first challenge. My goal participating here was to deliver a decent piece of digital art and learn something in the process. Now if the jury decides I am elligible for an award, it will be heaven for me but for now I will wish everyone good luck and hope for the best. Cheers!!!


FUNNY SCENE! the gorilla expression is fantastic…ironic desperate situation! he he …cool.


Hey dude,

Great work !!! Hey why dont you do a mini tutorial on the hair & fur rendering… sometimes it is a great time saver rather spending hours on 3D hair…

Great Work dude,
Good Luck


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