Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


finished already? And I still have not posted anything in my entry. :slight_smile:

The human is becoming more obvious now and not like the alien’s own eyes.

I wonder what happens when that thing goes upside down in the air, are the humans secure enough in their seats? I hope so! :smiley:

Nice finish!

What about adding a majestic palace (I’m imagining something like Taj Mahal) in the background? That will look so cool too!


Really cool work and concept.
Must be a record performance as well, some people just started?
Cheers to you.


Nice work.So far as usual.
Really original charcaters. My only crit would be about planes that make the reader believe there is an aero meeting over there. MAybe without there smoke that would be better.


morganvillette - Thanks! :slight_smile:

Andy–Jones - Cheers, Andy, glad you like it!

jeromoo - I think when they go upside down the riders fall off - that’s why they do it over a corn field :slight_smile: Thanks for your comments!

Spin99 - Thanks, all I need now is a prize for the 1st to finish :thumbsup:

authentic - Thanks for the input. Yeah, the planes are just a silly addition - I always try to get either rockets or planes into my competition entries! :slight_smile:


Beautiful image, and your pace of drawing is astonishing.
The only thing that is bugging me is that planet in the upper left corner. It doesn’t seem to be perfectly round (or maybe just the clouds in the foreground play tricks with my eyes).

Anyway, best pic in this contest so far, definitely a winner.
Good luck!


Novbert - Hi, thanks, glad you like it. Some of that planet is in shadow, so although it is round, the lighted side makes it look more crescent shape. Here at work I can’t see the shadowed area either - the monitor’s too dark! :slight_smile:


Really beautiful! Colors have a perfects brilliance… And you are so quick…
Artist like you make me feel “small”…
Great work!


Multiductus - Thanks very much and don’t worry, plenty of artists make me feel small! :smiley:


Nice entry! Nice colors and the design of the aliens ensured great dynamism even when it is a serene scene. Great clouds and the grasses are really nice. Man, you are fast! I have barely getting comfortable with compositions yet, and I have to ditch what I had so far for a better idea this moment…heh. Anyways, great work! And wish you good luck!


BLX - Thanks, and don’t fret - plenty of time left yet :scream: Good luck!


simply great idea and great paint.


savat - Thanks! :slight_smile:


good luck…!!


mMohsin - u 2!


AWESOME! I’m sure this will be a winner. Love the colours, the shapes, the sense of movement… everything!

Gongrats for a great piece of art, mate!:thumbsup:




HornlessUnicorn - Thanks v much. You’re more optimistic than me but thanks for the encouragement, and good luck to you! :thumbsup:


Yes, absolutely fantastic! Nothing else to say. A winner.

Greetings and respect…


Thalassos - Thanks v much!


Simon, I reckon you’ve got a great chance of winning this!! Although I know you’re the kind of guy who dosen’t like to be overly optimistic :smiley:


Pearlyking - Cheers, Bill, but you’re right, I don’t hold out much hope :smiley: