Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer




Wing things


why not get a little creative in the details?
like alien flowers and trees.
keep it subtle.
I think it would really add to the illustration.
and make it more interesting on a second or third read.

great painting BTW


Distant alien and rider


field and horizon


flying machines


foreground alien and rider


All done! It says I should enter a background and story here but I’m not going to :stuck_out_tongue: Making it up should be half the fun of viewing.

Check out the details in my previous posts!

Thanks to all commentors - everyone’s been very helpful! Good luck to all! :slight_smile:


KOryH - I did try that - adding a few weird triffid things - but they just looked odd standing in a cornfield so I took them out again. Probably says more about my plant painting abilities than the idea, though :slight_smile: Thanks!


beautiful work . really special concept! so fresh!.


Love it! Will you do another or thats it for the contest? Thanks for sharing those detail shots. Nothing else to say on top of that, later.:slight_smile:


yeah, the detail shots are great!

man, the contest ends in more than a month or something like that and your piece is already finished. great work! wonderful image!


really love your piece! i feel like i could really ride one of those creatures! great colors too!


Hey simon, i have saved your last 2 steps…I feel the second to last post (b4 close-ups) has the better sky…

The clouds were sharper and had a more rough texture, which i found more appealing…to me it seemed more natural and vibrant rather than the softer approach for the latest…

I don’t know if you agree, but it I feel it has stilted the artwork somewhat…

Just thought i’d share that observation :smiley:


Great stuff! Your work is awesome and inspiring.


amazing man!

you finished already ! ? :smiley:


hey man, i’m working on my first detailed clouds at the moment… having a little trouble. did you do yours with some mean custom brushes ? i seem to be missing something.


chilombiano - Thanks, glad you like it!

beelow - Thanks :thumbsup: I may do something else, yes, although I think the forum speed will need to improve - I’ve spent longer trying to post here than actually doing my image, I think!

wueste - Cheers!

HFix - And thanks again!

LightSovereign - I know what you mean about the clouds, I noticed the same thing. Basically I needed to smooth out the bulk of the cloud but leave the edges sharper, but it didn’t work out. If I can be bothered I might rework that aspect, we’ll see. Thanks for the input! :thumbsup:

RedThirteen - Thanks, appreciated

Neubius - Initially I used a big oil brush to block in the main colours. Then all I used was a standard round brush with low opacity and plenty of grain, with pressure sensitivity so that I can blend existing colours as well as put down new ones.


Impressive work! I love it!
Very good work!
Good luck!!!


Simon you have really done something special here I feel. the lighting and colours in this are just exquisite and the movement…wow. Good luck :smiley: