Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Sigh…So lovely! I would abandon my own entry now, if I didn’t really want that XSI license :wink:

Is that really a square aspect ratio, or have you just cropped it for detail shots?


What can i say, but wow, i love what you’ve done with this peice, so different too, i like the creature design as well, i’m sure you heard this already


nightwoodwolf - Thanks v much

sasquatch70 - No probs, I’m a Christopher Walken fan too :slight_smile: Yep, the light to dark is intentional so that the creature disappearing out the frame on the left doesn’t lead the eye away from the focus. I think it would be too much if everything were bright.

tkier - Thanks!

ScottC - Go for it, and good luck! (I wouldn’t know what to do with an XSI license if one landed on my head, but still :slight_smile: ) And it’s an almost square aspect ratio, yes :slight_smile:

Jupy - Cheers, glad you like it


Hey man – image is looking absolutely beautiful. :slight_smile:


great image!
I only miss something/somebody on the ground (now even more when you omited the little tree)…maybe some children too small to be able to ride these beasts and who envy that the older children can enjoy it or parents of the riding children sitting on the meadow and worrying a bit about their children (but only a bit because they know that these creatures are even safer than Volvo;) )

anyway pleasure to watch this picture and good luck
(and sorry for my english:)


damn man. here i am just getting started and you are almost done. are you going to do another one or is this the entry you are sticking with?

looks amazing mate.


your work’s always so inspiring! Really love the colours :thumbsup:


kattkieru - Cheers! :slight_smile:

al-ash - I tried putting a few people in, standing around in the field, but it didn’t work out. I might have another go when I’m done though. Thanks for the comments! :thumbsup:

Slav - Pity there’s no prizes for speed :smiley: I might do another, after all there’s like 6 weeks left, then have a vote on which one I should submit. Cheers for dropping by!

Intervain - Thanks v much!


Tidied up the clouds, stuck a few flowers in there, gave the riders new coats and messed about with textures. Just a bit more to do tomorrow and I’ll call it a day.


Simon beautiful piece you did there nice composition and BaronImpossible style , perfect .


Simply wonderful, Baron. Sorry for the lack of constructive criticism but really I couldn’t find anything to criticize, here. :thumbsup:


I think this a beatiful piece as it reminds me of Salvador Dali. The colour palette, the flow of the image, geat detail and the surreal beauty. Not much to criticise as this is one of the best entries I have seen. Good luck!


Simon, Take a bow, bud…You have taken "polish’ to the next level. and inspired me to push on further myself…


yea no tech crits here, either



scala - Thanks, appreciated!

Thaldir - That’s fine, thanks for the support!

headtrip - Thanks, good luck to you too!

LightSovereign - That’s great, and glad I can inspire, thanks again :slight_smile:

I’ll try and spend another half hour on it later and then that will be it - for now :wink:


“Call it a day”! damn Simon I ain’t even started yet!! This is great by the way, best of luck to you.


Pearlyking - Hello there Bill, good luck to you also! :thumbsup:


Very beautiful work, compliments :slight_smile:


LadyPurple - Thanks :smiley:


want to upload a detail shot of the grass? i am curious to see how you do it.


Slav - Detail coming right up, hold in there…