Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Very original scene, and full of very inspyring draws on your website… a other artist to add in favorits… :slight_smile:


HornlessUnicorn - Yep, I’ll sort that out when I do the rest of the detailing - thanks!

KOryH - Ha! :smiley: Well, I didn’t have time to do any today so that’ll bring my average down!

gpepper - Thanks, glad you like it

stefgrafx - Cheers, nice one! :thumbsup:


Very NICE! Looks all done to me! Is that Photoshop or Painter? Cant wait to see the second pass! Lol!:thumbsup:



PsychoArt - All in Painter, it’s the only s/w I ever use! :smiley:


Got to love Painter Simon. - especially when it’s used as well as you use it. I’m still looking for the ‘superspeed’ setting in mine, that must be included with your edition. How the heck do you turn in such a wonderfully rounded image so quickly? Simply breath-taking.


Nickillus - Ha, thanks a lot :slight_smile: I haven’t spent very long on this one so far, 10 hrs max I would say. Some are just quicker than others :wink:


Yes i noticed the first pass aswell…how many passes had you in mind anyway? haha

I see you removed the shrub, it does tidy the piece up very well. Is this all sans reference?..because i am loving the lighting of the creatures underbelly, a soft shadowy green. Its incredibly realistic…Way to go Simon



i really like the colors in your composition. Nice work man! thumbs up… i hope mine comes out this well


The Creatures and the scene look fantastic. my only crit would be the people.
they remind me of little kids who put a rug around there knecks and run around yelling im superman haha. that and snot nosed Harry Potter fanatics. The people also seem sort of emotionally detached from the creatures more like the creature is a toy rather than a living being. Maybe u could consider losing the capes and have the main person in the forground rest his head down on the creature like hes hugging it rather than just riding it. for example you ever see a kid lovingly hug a teddy bear?
Any who im loving how this is coming along. Good luck :slight_smile:


LightSovereign - Just one pass to go! This weekend, hopefully.

I used two references for this. One for some of the cloud textures and one for the field (although the field one was so tiny it wasn’t really useful). Everything else just sort of evolved in my peculiar imagination :slight_smile:


Dragot - Thanks for the input. Yes, I might revise the people a bit. I agree they’re not terribly impressive at the moment. Nice ideas, thanks :thumbsup:


Great Colors and concept! Kinda reminds me of Moebius work!


how about some really elegant bridal system.
look at james gurney for dino riding stuff for inspiration?

looks good BTW


Minor critique…the two planets are lit inconsistently with the rest of the scene. The upper is lit from the left and the lower is from the right a little. Also the lower planet, by its shadow side, looks like it is in front of the sky.


KOryH - Cheers, I’ve got an idea about the riders, I’ll try it out at the weekend

nickjsky - Thanks for the crit. The left side of the right-hand planet is actually meant to be dimmed because of the distance haze on the horizon rather than another light source. I’ll see if I can make that clearer.


jtjota - Oops, sorry, missed you there! :slight_smile: Thanks for commenting!


i think i like it … the colors are beautiful … the small details, the human, i even like the grass and the sky look awesome !


It needs more cowbell! It looks great!


Sorry about the last post, just trying to interject a little humor. Every time I look at this piece I’m somehow pulled to the left abit. One thing i noticed was the painting goes from dark to light, starting with the left sides clouds and foreground and being fully lit towards the right. Maybe it’s no big deal. Just an observation. Fantastic work by the way.


I like this. Nice color and composition.