Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


It’s beautiful, i especially like the sky - i can almost feel the wind ;). One question, though: Why square format ? IMO a widescreen composition would fit the vast space you got there.


whoah…slow down simon!:stuck_out_tongue:
your painting is coming up really great! hard to find anything to crit.
I love the details.
Keep going!


bloody hell, simon…its a quickie, but has the level of detail everyone strives for…and realism…

hhmmph, i’m not jealous…i’m not.


take care, Simon



rawwad - :slight_smile: Thanks, happy you like it! Good luck to you too

azazel - Cheers :thumbsup: Not sure why I went for this format, to be honest. Letterbox format would certainly be more panoramic but I’m not sure it would manage to convey the depth and the scale of the sky. Maybe, though.

Goro - Ha, I’ll slow down when I’m done :smiley: To be honest I’ve only spent about 6 hrs on it in total. I’m using Painter oils which are so good to use they almost paint themselves. Thanks for the encouragement!

LightSovereign - Heh, I just struck lucky, really. Some paintings are easy and some are fiendish; I’m just lucky I came up with an easy one when everyone’s looking :smiley: Thanks for dropping by, Marley!


You are an holy terror, Baron! One turns his head a moment and you’re already half-way through the challenge.

Really lovely athmosphere, light and colors, the aliens remind me of some very elaborate living kites, every child’s dream…


Removed the beast on the left, it looked like a flying turd. Done the basic detailing on the main beast and the top planet.


Thaldir - Not one for wasting time :smiley: Thanks for the encouragement, and a possible title idea :wink:


This will be a great image for no doubt…
Just wanted to declare that this is my favourite for now.:shrug:
Congrats man!!


dang~theres nothing to crit on this,exercution wise,this could be one of the strongest entries:)i like those wavy fins of the creature,it has this subscatter scattering effects on them:D nice


Stunning! Beautiful composition and execution!


Beautiful and realistic and painted so quickly…aagh! :thumbsup:


thats pretty froggen brilliant man. keep up the amazing work. looking forward to more wips


It reminds me of Patrick Woodroofe.
Hats off to you.


Your work is flawless Baron. I think that the background aliens could be a bit more washed down, so as to enhance the one in the front. That’s it, the only crit I could come up with.

I love how the one on the top left seems to be under a shadow casted by a cloud high above. Great artists know what happens inside and outside the frame of their pictures.
Good job.


It appear to be an eyecandy :slight_smile:


akahraman - Thanks v much, appreciate that

MichaelZHsee - Yeah, I tried for the transparent look for their, er, wings - glad it seems to be working out! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Paul4wood - Cheers!!

Lappisch - Don’t worry, I take a lot longer if I have to draw people! Or horses… :slight_smile:

Slav - Thanks a lot :thumbsup:

Firetentacle - A very flattering comparison, Patrick Woodroffe’s a great artist - thanks.

GaeasHerald - Good point about washing out the distant aliens. I did that slightly but you could be right, they might need a bit more later on. Glad you like it, and thanks for commenting :thumbsup:

KU2GUN - Heh, cheers!


Just for a bit of variety, Painter WIP shot :slight_smile:


All of your creatures are unique and beautiful, Simon. This one is no different! I’m looking forward to seeing the final result. If I have a crit to add, it would be that the humans are too small I thought they were part of the creatures head, like their eyes or something upon first glance.

But it is still such a nice and vivid piece of work!


jeromoo - Thanks, glad you like it. I’m going to add detail to the people near the end, and if they’re still unclear then I might increase their size. Thanks for reminding me! :slight_smile:

Right, I’m going to try and upload my WIP for today before the site dies completely (again)…


Spent another couple of hours on it. Added detail to the landscape and the big planet, plus a few other things.