Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Changed the colour scheme slightly; I think it makes it less cartoonish. Made a start on the details too. I’ll probably leave the little dudes til the end because I’ve no idea how they should be dressed or how the heck they’re holding on there.


amazing scene.amazing lighting and coloring.:thumbsup:


Fortunately it’s the future so you’re not limited by a saddle with straps and buckles. The humans could be attached to the critter with artificial gecko-like adhesion (which is actually currently possible).

I really like the colors and the critters are imaginative. I also like the overall optimistic quality to the picture. Both humans and critters seem to be having fun.


This is becaming very espectarular and beautiful.
I love it,


hehe,go slow man~ur speeding .love the latest updates,looks even more solid now:thumbsup:


Love the colors and the dynamism the brush strokes create with the aliens’ pose!
May I ask what software you’re using?

Good luck!


xric7 - Cheers, glad you like it

nickjsky - Very true, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

dharmaestudio - Thanks!

MichaelZHsee - Don’t worry, there’s still a load to do on it yet :smiley:

Silveraxe - Thanks. I use Painter X.


Doing thunderdome and cgcontest. LOL. Seems like you trying to make a statement in the art world LOL. Seems like your almost finished. LOL. Nice entry by the way. Later. Yeah I am in cause your in, I have to trump the incredible simon. later dude. i will keep an eye on this thread.


Very impressive work & idea(s) :thumbsup: ! Your color work is outstanding! O.k., well ALL of your work is outstanding! :slight_smile:


The colors are impressive! And that sky is wonderful :slight_smile:


Haha it already looks like u have a following.
the concept really does look great. keep up the good work.


hi buddy! Once again u’ll finish ur piece before the contest will even started :wink: or r u planning to make several pieces? Anyhow, I really admire ur speed and everything what r u doing. The present concept looks great, peaceful and so full of colors. I like it. And when I’m looking at it, it reminds me of children playing with hand gliders in the wind… maybe if u add some of them it would look like a harmony of children playing with hand gliders and those who actually rides “them”. Just a thought :slight_smile:
Keep up the great work!


beelow - Oh yeah, Last Man Standing :slight_smile: No need to worry about that, I doubt I’ll make it through to the next round! I’ll look forward to seeing your entry, as always :thumbsup:

joshpurple - Thanks, glad you like it

lauranonce - And thanks to you too!

Dragot - Cheers, will do!

NinjaA55N - Hello there, how are you! I’m aiming to get this one done fairly quick and if I’ve time I may well do some more, who knows! :smiley: Glad you like it, and nice idea BTW. I may add some people on thr ground, not too sure yet, we’ll see how it goes.


…wonderful work! I dont find the right word for define the lightness of the flying creatures…
good luck!



Wow, cool start man, love the mood and colos :slight_smile:


really good start! the colors and casts on the creature looks amazing
you could do a scene with more depth, maybe with more smal hills in the background with a landed spaceship back there like they just landed to have some fun with those alien creatures and maybe a little wider canvas.
looks great


lucar - Thanks, glad you like it

taz23 - Cheers!

renderwhite - Thanks. The spaceship idea sounds interesting, I might play around with that later - nice idea :thumbsup:


Adding details to the clouds on the left and the main beast.


Oops, loaded it a bit big this time and it compressed it, hence the dodgy effects. Never mind, you get the idea :slight_smile:


Whoa! Someone don´t sleep :smiley: It looks awesome, love your idea. Good luck man!