Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


naresh - Happy you like it, cheers :slight_smile:


Hello, Baron!

Glad to see a familiar face in the challenge, looks you’re off to a running start…
I’m definitely suscribed, looking forward to the developments.

Best of luck!


Thaldir - Hey there, how’s it hangin! Good luck and everything! :thumbsup:

One more update for today, due any time…


…now! :slight_smile:


G’day, Simon…Gosh. you hit it straight away eeh?..a shame your not hangin round, but good to see you here anyway!..

Personally of the first wo conceots seen, i preffer the version without the head, gives more focus to the central action…less cluttered.

Brilliant natural painterly feel…

ooh and congratz on having one of yor images as inspiration :D.



my comment is already redundant, didn’t see the second page…good work on the folow up…those jet streams help with the whole vastness of the landscape.


Hey there Marley, how’s things! Thanks for your input - I’m personally leaning towards the big open sky feel too.

Yes, I saw that “Fen Drake” was up there on the Inspiration page, looking slightly sad next to Martiniere and the awesome Jim Burns though :smiley:


Oh I love it!! You’ve already captured the theme perfectly, and we’re less than a week into the competition! :shock:


This is a really nice start! Keep it up!


wow! impressive!


So cool man! I want one of these to go to work.


Agreed. Works like this are just so inspiring.


Wow! Very original idea and the colours are great! Also like the sky a lot, the clouds and all.




ivanisavich - cheers, glad you think it fits the theme!

NathanielWest - Thanks, will do :slight_smile:

nethken - Cheers!

GaeasHerald - Me too, or maybe just for the weekend :slight_smile:

JuanManuel - Glad I can inspire, thanks!

HornlessUnicorn - Thanks for your comments, appreciated :slight_smile:


hey Simon

I love this work, the design of the aliens is beautiful and the moment that you capture give a sensation of peace and freedom.


Lovely flowing lines and colours. I like it.

Actually, I am having trouble imagining how you are going to improve upon it. I like it how it is.


reynard - Thanks very much, I’m happy the general feel is coming across :thumbsup:

John Keates - Thanks! I think detail’s the key here; the more detail, the better the impression of scale. At least, that’s what I’m hoping :wink:


Starting on the detail. I’ve also done some colour tweaking.


nice going man,the details started to overwhelm me,love the vivid color choice:)


MichaelZHsee - Thanks, loads more detail to do on this :smiley: