Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Congrats :thumbsup: Well deserved.


Really nice work! Very unique!


Thanks guys, appreciated!


Congratulations, Simon. Lovely piece and a really fun mood. You’ve been working and waiting for this one for quite a long time now, congrats for making it up to the top! :thumbsup: Enjoy your Boxx (I’m so jealous! :slight_smile: )

All the best,



Congratulations Simon Beautiful work and thanks for the Welcome at the beginning

:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


HEY! Congratulations!! Simon! Seems that I had the right feeling about this one - it was one of my favorites right from the start! Great work - you most certainly and absolutely deserve it :slight_smile:

Furthermore it’s great to see painterly art getting some appreciation. :arteest:



So how does it feel to have won? :slight_smile:


Hey Simon, congratulations !! Simply amazing artwork, a really well deserved win!!:thumbsup: Time for a big big bottle of champagne !! Cheers!! :beer: ( the only sad thing is that you will be on the judges side on the next challenge :frowning::smiley: … for sure this side - the contenders side, the dark side ! is much fun :smiley: … :D)


nwiz25 - Thanks v much!!

MartinNielsen - Thanks!

yakonusuke - Glad you think so :slight_smile:

walrus - Cheers, Mike! :slight_smile: I’ve only just got back home and I’m able to see your pic on a decent monitor - those expressions are cracking! I bet it was so close between us - if the wind had blown in another direction you would have scooped it :slight_smile:

scala - Good of you to say so, thanks!

HornlessUnicorn - Much appreciated and your comments and encouragement helped. How do I feel? Suprised, mainly, and pleased of course! but at the same time I’m aware I’m not suddenly a great artist because I won a competition - I’ve got ****loads to learn and it’s a long process

Ferx - Heh, I might have to settle for some orange-juice tonight :slight_smile: I tell you what, though, the thought of me on a judges panel like this one cracked me up :smiley: :smiley: Talk about a small fish in a big, big pond!!





outstanding image and well deserved price. As mentioned by everyone; Great colors and lightning combined with a nice hudson river school feeling. Not to mention the approach: it´s allways an eye candy to see what you skulpt out with some dropped colors on a screen.
cheers, fahrija


Thalassos - :smiley:

Fahrija - Thanks very much :slight_smile: Colour sculpting, that sounds pretty good. Hope you don’t mind if I use that in an interview or something :smiley:


Baron, congratulations! . sure winner. great work you did and not just that …great support and feedback. especially your last comment in my thread :slight_smile:

One thing to say . The simplicity of your piece against crazy amounts of detail and FX made its way up! that was lovely!




chilombiano - Thanks very much, appreciated! :beer:


I don´t mind at all :smiley:


congratulations Simon, very well deserved win and as i’ved said before it is one of my favorite entry here in this competition.:thumbsup:



Congratulations, Simon!
It is said that one of the marks of real art is that it looks natural and effortless, it is definitely the case here. :slight_smile:
Hat off to you, and thank you for your advice in my thread. :slight_smile:


artizakO - Thanks very much for your support :thumbsup:

Thaldir - Cheers, that’s a great compliment! I wish I’d have had more time to make comments on other people’s pieces but glad you found mine useful. That said, you ended up with a very accomplished, professional painting, certainly one of my favourites.


congratulations! thought you had a winner there right from the start :slight_smile:

ncie one man, see you in the next one!


Neubius - Thanks v much! You have more faith in my work than I do! :smiley:


Congratulations Simon!
It’s been a coup de Grace… :arteest:the idea behind your lightful development of the theme hit the point! You were one of the “early birds” in the contest that catched the well deserved worm!
I love it! Great, man! Chapeau!