Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Nice work. I love the backdrop but I don’t think the creatures sit on top of it quite right.


personally i really like it’s ambiguity :slight_smile: (regarding the subject discussion )


I suppose if you want a riddle, it could be, “How the heck to these guys get up on those creatures’ backs?” :smiley:

Jeez, you know, i never even thought of that…Thats like seriously deep sh*t man huff coff


… double post…


pkneeshaw - Thanks for the input! It would be useful to know in what way?

Neubius - Yep, then you can make up your own story!

LightSovereign - Now you won’t get to sleep tonight :smiley:


Wonderful piece you have here :slight_smile: I like the painter-style in the picture.


really one of my favorite entry and artist also, really like the composition and all other aspect of this piece but the one that really caught my attention is the sense of motion of each ‘dragon’ it is really fun to look at. :thumbsup:



MartinNielsen - Thanks! :slight_smile:

artizakO - Cheers, appreciated :thumbsup:


Actually I looked at your entry on my home PC over the weekend and I didn’t see the seemingly over saturated foreground colours I got on my work monitor. It did seem a little strange when judged against the work in your portfolio.

In future I’ll double check stuff like that before I go opening my big mouth.

Soz mate…


pkneeshaw - No problem, I just wondered what bit you meant. My work monitor’s rubbish too, everything’s super-saturated and most dark colours simply show up dark grey :slight_smile: Still, it’s useful to hear what people see on other monitors because you never know what people are using to view stuff.


that’s beautiful… great colors, design and composition.


mv - Thanks v much :slight_smile:


that’s beautiful… great colors, design and composition.

Nothing to add!Great mood,huge finish!



Hey Simon, really great image!! Incredible enviroment on the whole image!! Congratulations for this superb artwork!! Best of luck!! Cheers mate! :beer:


OKMER - Cool, cheers :slight_smile:

Ferx - Thanks, and good luck to you (and everyone else) too!


wait a minute ! did say good luck to you already ??

if so, excuse the double post :slight_smile: fantastic image man. love your realistic treatment of such crazy alien creatures. i have a lot to learn.

best of luck to you!
see you in the next challenge.




Crazy good !
i am wondering how those fantastic creatures can just float in the air. fantastic feeling. No wings at all. just an unknown energy.



Maybe they’ve “gas sacks” - organs filled with hydrogen or helium (which is rather rare but it’s fantasy anyways)? Having said that - this image is definately one of my favorites from this contest - magnificient!:drool:

I think painterly works are a bit underapreciated around here in favor of “photorealistic” photoshop art - but unjustly so.

The best of luck in the contest!



Neubius - You can’t have too much luck (at least, I can’t!) :slight_smile: Thanks for dropping by!

Klasz - Yep, aliens can be really weird sometimes :smiley: Glad you like it

HornlessUnicorn - Thanks for the encouragement, and good luck to you also! :slight_smile:


wow! awesome!! congratulations on the big win dude!! :bounce: :scream: very well deserved!!
truly remarkable alien design and flow! :stuck_out_tongue: