Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Once again fantastic work. I hope you don’t mind it’s now my desktop background. I told my son that I did it, he just laughed at me and said “Your not that good”. LOL

Anyways I’ll be looking for the community for their support. You’ve inspired us all. Thank You!


sasquatch70 - Heh! :smiley: Thanks, and glad I could inspire!


Simon, Simon… Making me stare at your stuff again.
Take care, broth.


Chupacabra - :smiley: Ha, good to see you drop by! Thanks for the encouragement and good luck!


Incredibly well done, mate. Nice colors, composition, the movement, and it fits with the chalenge theme extremely well. Congratulations. As I saw the image it turned into my favorite from the chalange. :slight_smile:


asparta - thanks v much, appreciated :smiley:


wonderful image simon


Great image!
And you are finished already.


[left]bearfoot - Thanks :smiley:

andreas-V - Yep, got it over with! Cheers!


wow! congratulations are in order! :bounce: :buttrock: best wishes dude! :thumbsup:


Admiration is natural and deserved, up and until a certain point. The following words are in defense of a majority of less experienced and less certain artists who are still struggling with this challenge and its interpretation. The work of art shown in this thread seems unquestionable, but not viewed from alternative perspectives. The only comment I have to give is about something essential that is missing: a deeper insight in the probable relation between man and aliens. What I see is a beautiful and perfect rendering of a naieve and mindless riding on horses disguised as flying snaildragons. I am looking for a riddle, a puzzle. That is what is absent: a question mark! Apart from that: it is perfectly done and shows a harmony of color and composition. Now let us look at what other thinkers come up with…




nwiz25 - Thanks, glad you like it :thumbsup:

Thalassos - Thanks for the input! I tend to like to leave it to the viewer to assign their own interpretation and to imagine what events lead up to the scene, and even what might happen next. I suppose if you want a riddle, it could be, “How the heck to these guys get up on those creatures’ backs?” :smiley:


You are brilliant! I love everything about it, from idea to execution. Very nice work on your website too. :slight_smile:

Thalassos made an interesting comment but personally I like images that provoke a feeling more than intellectual ideas which is very hard to pull off without being convoluted and confusing. Now, when it comes to movies, my tastes are totally the opposite. :wink:


fluxen - Thanks v much for your comments, and glad you like my site :thumbsup:


When you get a comment like Thalassos’s that means you went to a league up. the piece is so good that it will start to get more profound analysis than the average cool comment.

love it!


I really like your art, you are very talented artist, very inspiring:bowdown:


chilombiano - Thanks, glad you like it :thumbsup:

JoPu - Thanks very much :slight_smile:


Hey Simon, really awesome image, like a lot the composition and the great environment on it. The lighting is developing in a superb way , great! Again, awesome work !! And looking forward for more updates! Cheers mate!! :beer:


great story, composition, designs and color == fantastic piece. good luck man, your skills are awesome.

one small thing I don’t like is square format - I agree with azazel about it…


Ferx - cheers, I may yet be doing another one, depends on time :slight_smile:

mant-Raz - Thanks for the input, good luck 2u2 :slight_smile: