Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Simon Dominic Brewer


Simon Dominic Brewer is entered in the “Uplift Universe Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Dragon Kytes of Baron V


Greetings fellow CG-types!

It has to be done. I’ve done a doodle or two last night so I’ll upload them later.

Good luck to y’all :thumbsup:


Yep, people riding things. Looks like fun


OK, that’s where I’m up to. Small concept pic that I’ll probably expand, scribble on and forget about


hey there! You’re moving fast again!

looks awesome so far!
Good luck Mr. Baron


Yep, not hanging around. Good luck to you too Goro, looking forward to seeing your stuff! :slight_smile:


one of my favourite artist has joined the show,great start :thumbsup:
good luck to you mate


It´d be funny to ride one of these things haha. I wish you have a great time doing your work :wink:


MichaelZHsee - That’s a coincidence - you’re one of mine! Good luck too :thumbsup:

gG - Yep, looks like fun! Thanks, you too


Final composition. A few more tweaks then I’ll blow it up to full size.


nice stuff , altho there was somethin i liked about the version with one of the things
coming from above, more exciting i think, could play with canvas dimensions if it would help
with the compostiton with that but anyways, just saying i liked that


Squibbit - Hello there Mr Squibbit. Yep, I know what you mean. I thought it was better initially with the thing coming down from the top but then I thought it made it feel too enclosed. Or something. What I’ll do is do a bit more on it and see how it feels. Thanks for the useful feedback :slight_smile:


yea i guessed that was the reason you scrapped it

would be fun if you’d get it to work somehow.

nghh i just ate small easter eggs that tasted what
washing powders and cleansing liquids smell like



Cool idea and execution :thumbsup:

Good luck in the next steps :bounce:


just got in to notice a new one! great to see you with work so early on. it looks awesome thus far.


Squibbit - Mmm, Easter eggs… Even ones that taste of chemicals sound good to me. I’m in a chocolate-free zone at present.

Nomad - Thanks, good luck to you too!

Slav - Thanks! I don’t think this will be my final entry but it’s a fun start whilst I think up something better :slight_smile:


I already love it! The colors are great so far, and the clouds in the sky already look so real. Looking forward to the finished piece.:bounce:


Fantastic set of colors. Great to see you here. This one is going to be fantastic as usual, I’m an hopeless fan of your work. Good luck.


Lappisch - Thanks, glad you like it so far :thumbsup:

Ramitxon - Unusually bright colours for me, I’m normally a dull sort of person :slight_smile: Thanks for dropping by! :slight_smile:



this is the one goin to top 3…