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Blocking in the first of two characters. The idea is one alien saving the life of another, carried from certain death to saftey.



Almost finished the base mesh for the second character. So the plan will be to get both characters modeled to a decent level, pose out/concept the final shot then go back in for refinement. So far the base meshes were made in max and I’ve done a few hours of sculpting on the big guy in zbrush. The final idea is for the big guy to be carrying the little guy off the battlefield, we’ll see how it goes.



That’s an impressive piece of design/modeling. Really nice stuff.

Just wondering, are there going to be no humans at all in this scene? The comp guidelines asked for some human interaction but I’m wondering if you were planning on heading in your own direction


Thanks Mark, as for the human element, the second character could indeed be a human in suit of some kind. I tend to work out the story as I go :).

Got some sculpting on the 2nd base mesh in this screengrab. Trying different poses with transpose. I think this one looks a bit like the big guy just killed him, maybe a tweak to the eyebrows could fix that. The joints/fingers/toes and pressure points will all be cleaned up once i settle on something. Also starting to think about the clothing (minimal) and jewelry for the big guy, I like jewelry :). Your critics are always welcomed!



Last thing for tonight, a little paint over for a concept. Time to catch some dreams.



Heres a shot of the little character in the big guys hands, he’s still pretty rough. I want to have a nice contrast of a detailed crazy suit and a big half naked muscle alien.



Hi, Ryan!

Great modeling! :applause: I’m realy curious to see how you’ll put it all together.

Keep it up!




nice work i love the detail, good luck.


great stuff.
nice detailing.
looking foreward to see the final


very interesting stuff. Ur style is very original.


Tweaking the poses a bit with the base meshes.


A detailed shot of the human character in his suit. I see now i have to do something about his toes as they are very alien atm :). Still trying to figure out his mask too.



Started painting the diffuse map for the big guy. Still tons left to model and texture, hope i can get my vision out in time. critics always welcomed!



Hi Ryan:
Excellent work so far… I like very much the rough tenderness that this piece breathes. The wounded alien space suit design is very original, it reminds me of Inca or Azteca gods-that on the other hand some especulate with the posibility of them being aliens who visit the earth long time ago- and I think that might be a good design for it’s helmet too. For the saviour, maybe his right hand touching his own chest, like interiorizing some affliction, the same way a gorilla would do? I wil try to add something to this character too that would add some contrast between its appeareance and behaviour, some spike-shaped knuckles and stuff like that? Altough it might be too cheesy, maybe… I don’t know! Hope all this makes sense, though…Keep it up!


Hey raul, thanks a bunch for the comment, some great ideas in there. I think i’ll definatly look at some Inca or Mayan masks for inspiration for his helmet. Also, I’ll play with the posing of the big guy a bit more, maybe i can find something more dramatic or with a bit more feeling. Btw, I love the idea of ancient aliens on earth. Its a topic i’ve read alot about :). Thanks again for the nice words and everyone else who has commented!
I worked a bit on the big guys clothing today. Im going for a kilt type design with some pouches and stash spots. I’m still thinking about his jewelry, probably a couple necklaces, some percings and a bracer, we’ll see. Updates as soon as i get this nasty sore throat cleared up.



Got some of the clothing base meshes done and a few other details.



Added a few more modeled details in this one. Also started render and lighting tests for the final shot. I’m starting to think about a simple background, maybe a forest or cave entrance.



Cool modelling! the alien look awesome!


WOW! Nice work here! Clean render too!

You said on my thread you had trouble with the displacement and went to normal instead. I’ll be honest and say it really looks good!

What applications are you using for this?