Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Rupert Dolby


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A quick marker sketch - the human character offering a drink to a just landed alien, supported by his chimp and dolphin friends


Human, with uplifted fellow earthlings and various aliens, served by robots


Human with dolphin and chimp exiting space ship and meeting with strange alien characters


A possible suit the dolphin character could wear to provide mobility over land


Some more sketches of a suit the dolphin character(s) could be wearing


You have some terrific concept sketches there. Good luck.


They’ve arrived, now what do you feed them?


Thanks, this is my first time entering a challenge and I’m keen to learn from the other guys.


I like the banquet idea. Looks cool!


They’ve arrived, now what do you feed them?

Each other? :eek:


Heh heh thats a good idea!


Great sketches and idea/s. I enjoy all the activity and motion and I look forward to seeing more.

Great work!


I like the contrast of foreground vs background.


Working up a tighter sketch - the server bots are serving starters; the guests are struggling with the cutlery and human etiquette. The neo chimp and gorilla wish they were back in the trees…


Note Auto Banana feeder and chimp back scratcher. The human character has a neck like a giraffe! Need to fix that… Also not massively keen on that bat shaped spaceship in the background.


I think the background will change from stars on black to an atmosphere, perhaps with a sunset.


Continuing to push elements into the foreground and background, and roughing in the lighting.


Painting in more details and looking forward to adding colour later.


I like your composition and I make me dream awaits the continuation
good luck.