Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Ruidan Lv


scenes test


It´s really starting to life in this nice color scheme. Also your perspective and the amout of details u got in there, are flawless. :wink:

Keep the good work up!


amazing man!! :eek: best wishes for your final entry! :thumbsup:


test scene


Hi warmhearted.

Very good scketches and 3D. I also like the colors.
Final image is becoming amazing.
Hurry up


test scene


Scene test


Hey Ruidan,

Very Beautiful, just breath taking, I love the concept, wanted to wish you good luck, cheers!:beer:


Scene Test


Nicely done Ruidan! Where is the alien and where is the human? that is the main question that I have. Designs of the ships and the environments are definitely cool to look at. Composition is great. Waiting to see the final.


Gubru’s strong battleships Intrusion Garth.


Wow: that is becoming one very nice image!! :bowdown: Very dynamic composition, great colors, amazing level of detail!

Like ‘beelow’ I was wondering what the ‘human - alien’ idea is, but I guess it has to do something with the ‘Uplift Universe’-story?

All the best on finishing - you should be able to get it finished in over 1 day, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


Gubru warships broke through the outer space defense of Garth , A powerful warships into the human sky, The human fighters Starting from the ancient warships, The final war of defending the Garth


great job , very nice detail!:wink:


hey ruidan. I like your final. you pulled this one off pretty quick.
I checked your image, it’s in the final section. 提交成功. best luck in judging~


Waow… A masterpiece!!


Nice lighting and colour palette. Good work!


A real detailing study. Great work :thumbsup:


Hey Ruidan,
What an incredible piece of art. Theirs a whole universe to dive into this one image. Congrats!


Looking at it again, I do have a minor criticism. Some of the elements (e.g. the little ships in the foreground, the distant towers) look like they were duplicated and shifted around. It’s not immediately noticeable, though, and it’s understandable in a piece completed in such a short time.