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Hello all:
I’ve no clue what to do for this next challenge, but I’ll try to come up with something interesting though… fingers crossed!
In the mean time, my ideas go round some kind of “encounter of the 3rd kind”. In this little sketch I play with the idea that we humans wouldn’t look like some intelligent species for an alien visitor…we’re some times too focus on absolute nothing to seem so.

Good luck everyone!


Hi again:
I’ve ditched the cartoony look and focus instead on something a bit more realistic. I’m going for something inspired by Stanislaw Lem’s “Solaris”, where it’s not clear who’s contacting who. To spice it up, humans have already a alien race in their side.
Let me know what you think… and thanks for dropping by!


WIP for the background. I like the reflective surface of the solaris-like alien form, but I’m not sure about the colours, don’t know yet if the reflection should be somehow different in hues, or have some artifacts…


further progress in both background and characters… Again, my inspiration is Solaris and the alien-ness of aliens, here represented in the spherical intriguing presence that humans and already known aliens check out.
I’m beginning to feel funny about the colours of space suits and the composition itself, but I’ll work it as I go.


nice work so far man. remembers me a cactus i eat by mistake once :slight_smile:
maybe the planet behind confuse a bit the feet of her …to be picky :wink:

Keep it up!


Nice coloring and idea, unique concept:thumbsup:
Good luck

Uplift Universe Entry


Great entry and composition! Looking forward to it!


I absolutely love it man! Muy bueno, si señor, me encanta. You have to reinforce the focus of the composition, the point where the fingers almost touch. Otherwise I think you have s very strong entry. I’ll keep my eyes nailed to your thread.


Hey Raul, really great concept my friend, I like a lot! :slight_smile: The enviroment for your image is really great, a strong image for sure. The colours in this stage look working well . Perhaps a bit more spherical form on the reflection figures, but is a minor detail :smiley: That is looking awesome! Again, great work and for sure following this thread :slight_smile: Cheers my friend!! :beer: ( yes, time for some tequila and beers for inspiration :D) (Me gusta mucho tu concepto, tiene mucha fuerza y transmite mucho, vamos Raul!! a terminar y a festejar con unas buenas cañas bien frías :D)


I’m pretty much done with the background but still some work ahead to properly cut out shapes and add to the floaty feeling. And rework the mirrored image too…


Hey Raul I don’t see your thread before the idea of the reflection is wonderful and your colors too it’s gonna be a beautiful piece .


…and a big thank you! to all you folks to pop by and leave your feedback:
-Chilombiano: gracias! Not sure if I get the cactus simil but cheers for opening up the thread.
-Jopu & Pegahoul: Thanks mate… good luck to you too :slight_smile:
-Ramón: I’ve brighten up the touch point just as you suggested and it’s definetely working better. Still have to tweak it to add to the garishing effect, but so far so good. Muchas gracias! Superb entry yours, too…Cheers!
-Ferx: Last but not least… so many thanks for your kind words, mate…As you can read above I have to work on the reflection and will take your advice on this for sure. Rivers of tequila will follow the closure of this challenge granted! A tu salud, compadre!!


and almost in real time :wink: :
Eric: Thanks a lot for your feedback, mate! Amazing craftmanship yours in your aliens’ designs. Will follow the thread for sure and join the chorus of jaw dropping fellows… thanks for watching!


Pretty sweet. Watch out for girls right foot, seems a bit off.
Take care,



great textures in there really strong composition!
i think you may have work the reflections a little as the angle would be slightly different ?

wicked piece! :smiley:


Good work you have here. I’m a bit puzzled about what’s really going on in the picture. I imagine something terrible could happen, if they break through the mirror :curious:


Hi again:
some changes: the reflection has been worked afresh (spot on crits on that!) and position of the characters, plus some casted shadows. Close to closure now…


Thanks all for your c&c’s:

-Chupacabra: Thanks, you were right on the girl’s foot postion, it had a funny angle. I’ve changed it already, I hope it works better now :wink:
-Neubius: Cheers mate, glad you like it. As you can see the reflection’s been changed and it works so much better now! Great…
-Martin: To be honest, I’m reverse engineering the story as I progress towards the image completion. It’ll have to be with an alien-for both humans and aliens themselves- ancient entity in the roundabouts of the universe centre but I have to work out the details. I’ve changed the cracks as I didn’t want to imply anything breaking there. Thanks for watching!


Hey there, I missed this one till just now. Its looking really amazing. I think the crit about the foot helped alot. I have one small thing to add about the mans left arm. With the current anatomy of the bicep it appears his hand should be turned a little more outwords. Keep up the great work man, waiting on your updates!