Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Panu Uomala


I’ll never play baseball again. It’s abuse!


holly~hahah,another crazy piece:D


That one certainly made me smile :slight_smile: . If you turn it into a finished piece, you might want to rethink the background. The gag is great, but the environment gives it too moody a tone. Plus, it looks like the baseball player is playing ball out in the woods.

Great gag, though. You could totally go with that.


hey there again dude…
some cool concepts already…

ill drop in as we progress…



Great work! Best concepts I’ve seen so far, especially those cactus hats :twisted:


Last one looks cool. :thumbsup:

I want to see more of that fun stuff. :scream:




AND FUNNY TOO…OH…caps lock…lol


i want to see some panda mosquito monkies in the next concept! :slight_smile:


Very nice idea!! =))
I can’t wait to see more!
Good luck!!


Hey man ! How are you doing ? :slight_smile:


Some cool ideas Squibbit. The baseball one made me laugh, and the mortal combat one was a cool idea also. Good luck, and keep the ideas comin’.


i’m gonna be way busy with other stuff
so i’ll just cut the concepts and go
for final image.

so this is the concept for it and it
depicts the arrest of a bank robber.

i didnt put much thinking into the pic,
i only came up with the bank robber
thing when the concept pic was already
half done :stuck_out_tongue:



This image should be interesting. I like the idea as well. Nice take on uplift topic.


This idea looks like a lot of fun and I like the perspective of it too. Good luck!


I like the cactus concept much more the the chic. somehow i find a futuristic girl floating in space something i’ve seen before but those guys wearing cactus hats! damn thats weird and cool!


Yeh I heard some people make a lot of money here robbing the bank.
They don’t always get caught though, and are probably living in
a tropical island somewhere…

But with a cop like that I’d turn myself in so :stuck_out_tongue:


The alien looks cool. :smiley:


HAH! the baseball scene made me laugh as a fool!!:scream:
very very very funny!!
anyway… i like your last entry and the hat scene too.Keep it up,looks like u are about to make a great challenge.


go go squib!
Right now the interaction between the police girl and the alien is not obvious enough.
It’s hard to tell if she is falling or aiming at the Alien with her gun.
I think it might be neat if you build an arc with her body like a half moon facing upwards
if you know what I mean. That would make the pose more dynamic, and you could let
her hold the gun with two hands maybe.

just a thought…


I like all Concepts, most the one with the Priest etc. and the Basebaliens, less the one with the Cacteen (cause of Gore, but that’s a matter of taste) :slight_smile: