Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Panu Uomala


Hehe, you always got much fun in your challenges :slight_smile:
Lookin’ forward to see more of your ideas or more progress on this one :wink:


ha ha ha squib great concept :slight_smile:


so these two aliens have abducted a
powerful priest and a mighty wizard and
pitted them against eachother in mortal



waddup squib! good luck in this contest looks like you got a head start. :thumbsup:


that is flippin brilliant work that is, squibbit. would make for a fantastic video game…you could call it mortal combat…hang on a minute…hehe in any case, you have a cheeky witt!

Nice work



hum… only i dunno if the pic made it clear enought the one
on the left is one of the popes and has like as majik n stuff
as they do



No its quite clear…I gathered your description as the skeleton was being summoned on the right hand side of the screen , so one naturaly assumed that the figure on the right dealt in magics (summoning)


Ok keeping another eye here :\

On your last concept, you think the Bishop made it?
'Cause it’s Easter or something you know…


Hahaha both ur concepts are funny as hell. but id have to say i like the Hat concept more.
because i both laugh at it and feel a little squeemish at the same time.


hahaha, anther thread that will make me laugh everytime I’ll stop by :smiley: Im expecting at least 20 sketches and cool ideas from u Squib! keep up the great work, I’ll stop by often here.


Both of those are sweet ideas :buttrock:
I still prefer the killer cactus hats, though. That’s just wicked.

Good luck for the challenge.


hahahaha, damn dude, cool stuff :smiley:


Good luck too friend! Cool ideas :thumbsup:


First concept was formidably funny.


haha, really funny concepts here. i like the cactus one … good luck! and keep the fun up;)


and good luck…
Man eating cactus… scary stuff :scream:
I cant keep wondering, do aliens play the guitar?


Haha! Great sketches already - good luck Squibbit!


hehe nice one squib!
How I loved battle chess…thnx for bringing back my childhood memories! :slight_smile:



bah i gots troubles ,makin these pics read like i want em to.

in these one these aliens come to earth to see what kinda stuff’s
goin on in here and mistake the baseball as one of their own peoples.



That’s cool, it’s a finished picture all by itself :thumbsup: