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Latest Update: Work In Progress: elf coat


My concept is a technological lord of the rings in the future and it’s had 3 characters in 3 species.
Elf (girl), man , orc(will be shown (later)
Here is the first concept about the elf and human.


I made this without any refrence , just by using xsi and zbrush together.


Elf head.


it is made without any refrence and i used xsi & zbrush together to made it.


I quite like your idea but there are a few things i’d like to mention.
your character model is pretty good but I think her lower jaw is jutting forward a bit too mutch I think if you pulled that in a bit and maybe define the cheek bone area a bit more she would look a lot more feminine. Also I kind of like your concept just dont forget that the challenge is human/alien interaction. You might want to make some changes to the elf just to make her look a little more alien.
Just a few thoughts nice work though.


Thanks Korda for your useful concept, I wil refine her jaw in my next up date.
About alien I want to design a character like orc ,
here is a primal work on cloth that i cost 4 hours on it. I don’t spend a time on boots because i want to design a boots in xsi later.


the elf is incompeleted yet.
she needs skirt , armour ,working on her head and etc .


this is the base for uniform and coat.


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