Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Miguel Angelo CBT


your work is just awe inspiring, it was so nice to see the progression to the final piece of artwork, very nice


Really thanks once again people! :slight_smile:
I dig you like it!

Best wishes and have a nice day! :slight_smile:



Ok, I’ve researched a great deal into digital art, especially when going from your sketch pad to the digital medium. Several pages here show very little concept art then jumping into major meshes and renders. My question is, is it really neccessary to sketch out your character or what have you in fine detail in order to move to the digital drawing board?


Don’t be fooled by the great work of these artists in here.
If you don’t sketch down your character, or at least have a VERY clear understanding of the look of it, you will most likely waste a LOT of time, finding the right look.

It may take you about 2-5 minutes to rough down a sketch of a character, and that same thing could easily take a couple of hours on the computer.

If you spend lets say 2 hours on sketching characters down, you will probably have 2-4 good workable characters to choose from, instead of sticking with the one you started on directly in a cg environment.

(when you say the digital medium i assume you mean 3d, because if you mean 2d paintings, then you can just sketch down directly in photoshop/painter/whatever).

I know modelling has become faster with sculpting tools like mudbox/zbrush but it doens’t do magic, and if you aren’t as good a artist as Malanjo in this case, you will spend COUNTLESS hours, trying to make something look right, that may not even work with your concept in the first place.

So yeah, I would very much recomend sketching down before hand.
You don’t need to make picture perfect (in fact you shouldn’t!) characters, but loose vivid ones, with a lot of style and life. Because you do it so fast, you will be able to explore a lot more than you can do on the computer. A lot of them may not work at all, but some will for sure.

Hope it helps a bit.


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