Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Miguel Angelo CBT


Donglu-LittleFish - Yes, my intention is to be a ordinary girl having a “metting” with a special friend.The idea is to have the 2 sides more pronounced: Ordinary Human vs Ordinary Alien.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’ve lost your track Malanjo i didn’t saw your progress and also that you had changed your concept. So this one is nice the girl looks great.
I agree with Donglu-LittleFish about lights, around the girl it’s still too much dark i think, we can’t define what’s around her. May be you can highlight the “Alien” by only one color blue for example, and keep the girl lighted with warm color.
But it’s only my point of view, my 2cts advices. hope it will help you.

However Nice idea, and nice models.



I started the composite 4 days ago. I need some tips. What do you think can I improve and\or tweak?


“Dear diary,
Yesterday I met a new friend, and was a beautiful moment. He took me for a walk, in the sunset. I don’t know if this meeting was real or not, but, I will never forget that moment,
when we look in the eyes of each other. I hope I can see him again. I don’t think so, but good things are for those who wait…”

A little bit tacky, but that’s ok… =p

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for those who replied my thread!

Cherzz =)


Came out pretty nicely :slight_smile:


Thanks azazel! :slight_smile:

And a close up:

Thanks and Congrats to everyone envolved in this challenge!


Excellent work!

Good luck with the judging.




Can’t believe I haven’t spoted it earlier. Great work. Pretty nice concept and amazing job on modelling and texturing your main character. :applause: Hair looks very well also.
Congrats, bro! :beer:


Great piece. I especially like the hair rendering on her :thumbsup:


Hey Malanjo, I’ve been trying to contact you by email and by phone but as I can see, you’ve been very very busy.

I’ve been very busy too, and I just found you here today by accident.

I wanted to get on this one too, but I didn’t find the time to even start… maybe next time.

I’m very happy to see some more of your great work, and this piece you’ve made is just fantastic… congratulations, and I hope you the best for the judging.

Diz qq coisa rapaz, gostava de saber o q andas fazendo e onde, se ainda deveremos pensar em ti como possivel colaborador ou não, enfim… something.

Estes são os meus contactos: claudiojordao@kotostudios.com ou claudiojordao@gmail.com

Não sei se já conheces o nosso novo site: www.kotostudios.com

See you soon.
Cláudio Jordão


Stunning work - left me speechless. Wonderful details on the alien :thumbsup:


very nice visual concept.
lot of detail too.
great work.


Good contrast, I like ti!


Congratulations Malanjo, hope to hear from you soon.
Cláudio Jordão.


Congratulations Malanjo. It’s a fantastic piece of work.


Hey guys! Thanks for the support! :slight_smile:

Honorary mention, not bad! :slight_smile:



Congrats. :thumbsup: Great ranking.


Malanjo, muitos parabens pela menção honrosa!
A imagem tá muito forte, e a atmosfera está envolvente! Portugal Allez!..

Malanje, lots of parabines for the honrose mention!
The image is very strong, the atmosphere is involving! PortugALL go!.. :wink:


how did i not see this one untill the winners were anounced??? awesome image.

nice one! coingratulations :)A


Congratulations !! Nice work.