Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Miguel Angelo CBT


Another concept. I must mix this two worlds like a pro. The alien is too much cartoony. (outside of the look of the girl). 3D come here!!


This will be the final idea for the image. Back to work…! Alot of this to do…


Hi Malanjo,
I like a lot the girl’s face.
I also like the “Another concept” . The alien animal looks like a mix of a fly and a rabbit. It can be great if you work on it.


I started to place the 3D objects in the world. Playing arround with the composition…; Looking for depth, volume, dinamic shapes, etc…


Detailing the girl’s model…looking for interaction on the shapes and weight on the girl’s body. Thanks!


Wow! Great Work! :stuck_out_tongue:


Awsome! great modelling skils you have there. Cool style you had on your first idea, in modelling and in sketches.


Thanks! Geometric Composition. 28 days to go…!


A little bit of Zbrushing…


Blocking light… just some direction how will be the point light…; 24 days to go!!!.. o_O!!!


Coloring and shading stuff…


Final color study and final concept\design sketch. Thanks!


Testing the 3D render, and optmizing my scene for the final render…


very impressive…


Some tweaks to organize my ideas…


The texturing is amazing!!! You did a great job on that. My only comment is that you might consider to watch out for the lighting, because the overall scene looks fairly dark, the glowing blue lights don’t guide the eyes to “a focus point” in the image. If you want to make the face of the girl to be the “star”, then make it the brightest area of the image, tone down the other lights. Keep it up, it rocks! :slight_smile:


Yeah Donglu-LittleFish, You’re right!! My focus will be the face of the girl! Thanks for the tip!! Playing arround with the light, will help, indeed!

I think I will erase the planet at the background (maybe, a little bit disturbing … ? )

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Playing arround with light…


Hey, nice progress there with the lighting! I would like to suggest that you choose a fabric/motif more science-fiction for the girl, cauz the top she has now looks like something we would find in any today’s clothing store, or it was your intention to portray her as an ordinary everyday girl having contact with aliens?


Started the 3D render passes! Go little farm, go!! =p