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Latest Update: Final Image: Finito!


So, the idea here is to do a team of two guys (Human + Alien), fighting against another race (some kind of robots or something). The pose of the main characters will back with back (making a break down, to begin or re-start the battle), a classic pose from cartoon\heroes movies. Let’s see what will happen…=)


The two guys of the main team. This is not the final concept, because when i’m doing the 3D models, i change alot the design of the characters.


So, here’s a preview of the kind of the design i will make. This will not be a hiper-realistic image, it will be some kind of fantasy\cartoon\heroes image, with stylized characters on it, the ideia is to do some kind of shot of an animation movie. Action on it
PD: With non-realistic approach, i’m not saying that i will not put details on it, i think details will help me and maybe it will be fun put some of that in this stylized characters and environement. Let’s see how it goes in the future…
Cya soon! =)


Hey! Almost 3am here, i wake up to write this:

-The other team\guys, don’t will be robots (because i think it’s a “little” bit ‘naif’ to do always the same thing: organic guys against robots\machines), but some kind of big guys made by rocks, some kind of a tribe in a middle of a forest or inside of an old temple. Our guys are fighting this rock men, because they have a powerful stone, and they need that stone to put in their space-ship to return to their planet. More fantasy style i guess…
Sleep time…


So, i think this is it. The final characters. Here’s de Rock warrior guy and the two friends (Human and Alien).


The silhouettes seem to be impressive and evoke some manga-like style comparisons. Look 4wd to 3d models.


So, here’s the base meshes of the heads of the gang! =)


very nice designs … good proportion and stylized …
good work …

best of luck for your challenge…!



[left]allways nice to see a friend arround!
i really like how you re aproaching your designs speacilly the alien, you have pretty good thumbnails sketches.
im hoping you´ll come up with a powerfull dynamic composition
looking forward at your pic
best of luck



I like your style. Strong shapes.
My best wishes,


i like the design.

Keep it up!



Thanks for the comments!
Last night I worked on the composition of the image. My goal was to concentrate the atention in the middle of the board, where is the main action (also the main characters action). I created also a dynamic line (with the flying rock guys), starting in the right upper corner and going arround to the middle of the image (to bold even more the idea of the main action, our two guys).

PD to renderwhite- Eh Semione! :smiley: Cafezito? :stuck_out_tongue: Começa na pic tb moço! :wink:


Another subject, more sensuality here. A little bit of romance: A girl is “kidnapped” by his special friend to a exotique dance in the middle of the night, is Summer, the sky is the dancefloor and the bodyes are moved by the song “Strangers in the Night” by Frank Sinatra…(That comes from within the Alien - Alien’s small ship). A little bit tacky, but is all good… :stuck_out_tongue:
And… I must envolve more in digital paint…


So, this afternoon and night, I started the modeling of the girl. I’m thinking in the cloth…


The same subject, another idea. This weekend I will continue de model of the girl.


Base mesh of the body (with cloth here)


Close up of the head of the girl


she looking good … keep it up


Girl’s Head. Hair not finished. Thanks!