Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Michal Suchánek


thanks a lot guys for your comments


Hi Mike
Congratulations, great to see you have finished it in time. Heh, Its just like other people said. Its very funny picture with great idea and very well done mood. Also nice work with textures and colors:thumbsup:

I hope you get some attention in this competition. From me is certainly 5 stars


He he, very funny indeed :slight_smile: Don’t teach aliens human behaviour…


Really nice job, especially modeling her face. Nice work!


Hi michal
Cool image. Very funny. Really good the aliens expressions.
One of my favourites.



That is hands down, the best 3D Render I’ve seen yet in this challenge.

Great idea, great technique. In fact too great. Perhaps you should get disqualified in order to make it fair on the rest of us. :wink:

Just kidding. :bowdown:


AAAAWWWW I just realized Ive been staring at your work for more than 15 minutes!.. my favourite in this challenge for sure… man you’re a real wiz… your work is wonderful… congratulations, you’re a master…



I like the way you coloring the character so clean, the girl is hot too:drool:


Wow! This is amazing work, and you did this so incredibly fast! The characters are great and look very much alive.


This just rocks! Love the characters, expressions, poses, mood and the lighting. All is spot on. Great render! Also looks like you did a tremendous amount of work on it during the last days… considering if you still working on textures on 11th and didn’t have the third alien(passed out on the table) yet.


Thank you all for nice replies!

to Sleepyghost: Yes, you right. I´ve got terrible graphic marathon in last days. No sleep, no food, no girlfriend, no commercial works, only working on Uplift universe:).Fortunately I carrying in my head idea of picture for a longer time:-)


one of my favs
her skin looks a little plastic on closer inspection in her lower half…but her face is beautiful…
as i said one of my fav…


this is more than great :scream:



fantastic image…hahaha…great, great…i’m speachless. congratulations.


It’s a good work you’ve done a good composition plenty of details very well located.
How about the hair method for this scene?
Thx for your post 5 stars from me of course :wink:


wow! :eek: congratulations! :applause: clearly one of my favs too! :love: the lighting is fantastic! … not to mention the expression on their faces! … priceless! … i love the way you captured that ‘waitress ad’ look … very professional dude!


hey!! beautiful woman! i like the face of she, is perfect! at simple look I believe that was a photography but is 3d, it can be a big Poster! is great! good job!


Thanks. Well, hairs was made in Hair and Fur in 3DsMAX. Whole scene is modeled in MAX and Zbrush, rendered with V-Ray.


wonderful image. congratulations.
Perhapas you could add some liquid drops and splashes to the glasses area. it could imo give some more dyanmism. just my 2 cents.

Good luck whith the judges


awesome! the face is really great. her anatomy is kinda funky but well, I guess it’s supposed to be stylised!