Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Michal Suchánek


fantastic image…hahaha…great, great…i’m speachless. congratulations.


It’s a good work you’ve done a good composition plenty of details very well located.
How about the hair method for this scene?
Thx for your post 5 stars from me of course :wink:


wow! :eek: congratulations! :applause: clearly one of my favs too! :love: the lighting is fantastic! … not to mention the expression on their faces! … priceless! … i love the way you captured that ‘waitress ad’ look … very professional dude!


hey!! beautiful woman! i like the face of she, is perfect! at simple look I believe that was a photography but is 3d, it can be a big Poster! is great! good job!


Thanks. Well, hairs was made in Hair and Fur in 3DsMAX. Whole scene is modeled in MAX and Zbrush, rendered with V-Ray.


wonderful image. congratulations.
Perhapas you could add some liquid drops and splashes to the glasses area. it could imo give some more dyanmism. just my 2 cents.

Good luck whith the judges


awesome! the face is really great. her anatomy is kinda funky but well, I guess it’s supposed to be stylised!


Very interesting image. Except a little problem about the girl, it’s really a masterpiece! I especially like the expressions of three aliens. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


And the winner is… Man this is AAWWEESSOOMMEE :drool: the expressions, the shot, the render EVERYTHING! :bowdown:


Brilliant! I love the expressions. Nice choice of name too :slight_smile: (The name of the waitress, I mean). Really great!



Good concept and the humor of the situation fits perfectly.


big piece of work in here and really nice idea for an uplift :smiley:

now it’s my favorite :wink: cheers!:thumbsup:


wow! Nice! Reminds me thos Amazing Stories covers…


WOW~I really love that:cool:


I didn’t comment yet? yeah it’s a fantastic image. Congratulations.


amazing works.
love the lighting and facial part.
great modelling skill too.


Heh I think the prizes are out. Ok maybe your entry was little off topic?
Maybe it’s not an obvious illustration of David Brin’s work?
Who knows anything about judge’s criteria anyway.
But you still get my grand prize :beer:

Better luck next time.


I didn’t see all the entries, but your work is amazing…
And the history… heheehe - COOL!
It has style!! I hope you win!
Good luck! :thumbsup:
Pedro Jafet


Very good its magic and impression


Amazing work!!! Wow! How long did it take to finish?