Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Michal Suchánek


Michal Suchánek is entered in the “Uplift Universe Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: SPACE DRINK


Hi everyone,
Here is first sketch of main idea.


wip head


Hi dude
Great to see you have joined the challange… I have to say that I love the concept of your artwork, the scene from the space bar where all those drunk aliens drinking some deadly cocktails and the hot chick humanoid waitress (as usuall in your portfilio:drool:) serving it to them. Great man.

Just wondering what will the background look like. It will be simply some nasty dirty wall full of vomit or some smoky enviroment with the dark silhouettes of another monsters? I am very curious what it will be in the end…

As for the wip of the alien. Great start! Looking forward what you will do next. Maybe the ears could take little more “attention”…

Take care man


sorry for gray tones:), working on colors




WODDA!!!. COOL STUFF! the expressions on your models are fantastic! keep it up!! cool job…really!


still working on textures


this kind of makes me think of that old chapell show skit with the grape drink. its awesome. excellent image thus far.


I already love it !


I love the expressions on these guys faces, particualrly the alien on the left. Can’t wait to see more. I hope you are a fast worker.


Welcome to SPACE DRINK interstellar bar! Located on the outskirts of Paramos Nebula with romantic view over Oberon-5, this cozy place allways cheers you up after lightspeed travel. Have a meal, a drink, play cards or enjoy the presence of our attractive waitresses. And for those who seek adventure - we offer original Tellarian Tapas. Watch out for the backblast!

P.S.: No Vaurians allowed!


Hi Michal,

This image reveals your great talent. Face expressions of all the characters are just superb. And above all - the image itself is really funny. :thumbsup: Only thing that bothers me is that Oberon-5 is so similar to our planet Mars :wink:

Good job, mate!


It’s a kind of magic, what else?
Spectacular, this image is fantastic. Very good!


impressive work, very professional.
Alejo –


This is definitely one of my favourite entries can’t believe only noticed now.
Love the layout the storytelling and the humour haha

Girl looks terrific alien characters are super, textures and end result even better.

Please keep it up time’s almost up :beer:


this is an amazing job !
The scene is well done and I think I’m in love with the waitress !
Great great work Michal !
I hope to see you in few weeks as a winner for this !
Anyway, this is my favourite now !


Hey, this is another one takes attention a lot!!
The picture is so alive and characters are strong. They make people smile… :)(like this)
Congratz Suchanek!! :thumbsup:


Oh my…!!! You did all that in a week? Amazing even if it took the full duration of the challenge.

This image has got so much charm. A great concept realised with superb modelling skills and very humorous characters.

Definitely in my top ten. Congratulations and good luck, Suchanek!:bowdown:


Hi Mike,
Great work mate, I saw your concept yesterday, and I knew it will be good… but this is rly awesome! Great work with colors, nice render, perfect materials… but most important thing—> mood! Your picture have great, funny mood, Yeah, it makes ppls smile:) (btw. I think I fell into love with slimy tentacular thingy at right side)

Keep it up mate, your pic. is my favourite!