Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Michal Lisowski


Hi all,
I’m still working with sky, try to add more colors, more life to this piece.

C&C always most welcome!


I think the dutch angle may be too extreme for my taste. But, I will give it my stamp of approval. I love the color choices. Good luck with your entry. :thumbsup:


Beelow, you’re right. Actually I’m working on it, try to rotate left upper part of this piece, hope it helps. Thanks!


Conception of teleport and gravity fix, in closeup.

C&C guys, C&C :wink:


wow, is a good point of view… i like the colors, the concept,the camera,
i saw that the perspective between the grass (up) and the floor of wood (down) is not linear, have a little angle of desplacement to the left, but don’t believe me…maybe you do this to have more impact! congratulations,i’ll see the progress!!


hey Michal! very good so far, horizon suggests much dynamism, so maybe you should add something (storm?) to bring even more dynamism. I like the relation between group and the one with hand raised.


very very nice image the paint ,colors ,camera angle are superb!!beautiful!


Thanks guys for support!

Working with details…


Great composition and color palette! :thumbsup:


Invert piece this time, cause actually i.m working hard with “mechanical” part of this stuff, coloring, details etc. you know…

C&C are moooost welcome!!!


great concept
it tells a real story.

and super expression.
i just wish you have time to finish.


I think it’s almost finished. I have changed some details like grass, clouds, machine… lighting, have to add some things and it will be done (barbarians ;/)


PS. If you have any suggestion, just feel free!


This is really interesting! I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but I like it. The perspective is dizzying, the palette is nice, and I love that light coming through the clouds! The one part I think isn’t working so well for me is how the chost figure is positioned directly behind the corporeal figure so that his heas is superimposed with the other figure’s rear end. I liked the earlier version of the composition where the solid figure was more to the right of the host because both read as sepearte figures better.

The figure coming up from the bottom - it that a “ghost” or another actual person? He’s pale like the ghost/hologram, but seems to be lacking in clothing details I would expect from a real human.

But anyhow, good luck on the last finishes.


I think it’s done. maybe in near future I will do some changes, add some details…4 days to deadline, so who knows…:wink:

Thank everybody for comments!


excellent piece mate.

good luck!


very nice concept …i cant decide wich layout i like best, i hope you can , theone dated on the 4th reads best to me though its easier to tell whats happening on the rother side of the sky.


Great concept my friend. Very original. Good luck with this!!!

My Uplift Image


Hey Mayk, powodzenia :slight_smile: Not much changed since last update, good that you’ve chosen this version (vertical flip is not better I think).


wow! your painting skills are great :slight_smile: , funny I haven’t seen this thread before now.
Good luck with the challenge.


super cool. I love the perspective and the painting.
great job!