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Hi all,
recent stuff, concept of the story. I want to create something like arrival of the alien civ, who leads the process with unflat of the planet :wink: or something like the Copernicus of N’ century :wink:

Comms most welcome, feel fre :slight_smile:


Color conception, You can rotate it as you wish :wink:

C&C guys, C&C… :wink:


Great start Michal. Looks like a fascinating idea already.


It’s great already :slight_smile:


Great looking concept, I really like the colors that you have in there!

Matt :slight_smile:


beautifully rich illustration already…the upside down version gives me a little vertigo to be honest :smiley:

Great start



This is a clever idea and I love your quick brushwork.


Hej fajne! :thumbsup:

Great start Michał :thumbsup: this is a cool upside down piece you have here :smiley:


Some changes in composition, I have expanded canvas. As you see, appeared new hexagon on the grass :wink:

C&C most welcome, as always :slight_smile:


the expo on the canvas has done wonders for the composition…still beautifull colours.

No real crits of value…except easthetically you could place ship like shapes in the cloud…(top right i mean) :D.




Nice work! I like to viewing angle!
Very interresting scene!

Good luck!!


Great concept, it’s a powerful scene.


hey i just figured out whats goin in the pic :stuck_out_tongue:

cool stuff dude :thumbsup:



Nice use of colour and lighting. I like the hexagon panels, it would be cool if they continued into the ladscape (on soil and rocks), to give the idea that it is a fully manufactured landscape. Great start though, keep it up.


Fantastic scene! the most first thing “I FEEL” is the strong prospective…beautiful.


superb. the mood you’ve got here is amazing.

love it


That’s a really cool concept you got there. I like the color that you have used and the flip is sweet. Good luck!


very cool idea, and well executed… Are you going to have some creatures on the underside?


Changed some colours, add some details on background.
C&C as always, most welcome!

Thanks everybody for support!!!