Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Michael Dashow


I am thankful that there are master artists we can look up to.


Hello mike

Wonderfull color choices … really love the image …

About the process ( what we can say … ) just amazing …



Man! You’re rocks! Amazing!



Great work this is my favourite thread to visit at the moment because of the knowledge your sharing, Thanks for that and good luck :thumbsup:


Your insights about drawing in layers blew me away! I really like the aliens in your picture. Good stuff!


very nice details you have there, keep up the good work,reaaly looking forward for your final image.:thumbsup:



I woke up early this morning and worked on Captain Washington, but didn’t have time to post him 'til now. (And even now, I’m at work and don’t really have a lot of time to write a ton of notes.) So briefly, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment!

Here is my pretty-close-to-finished main character, Captain Emmett Washington of the United Earth Aeronautics and Space Administration. You can see how finished he is compared to the background, which is all flat and full 'o pencil lines. Background work will be next.

Cheers, and thanks again for tuning in!


Wow mate, wicked detailing! If I may make a suggestion, I think the aliens could have a slightly different base colour, to set them apart from the captain (they are both orangish atm). A greyish tone maybe, or each one with a different fur tone (different ethnicities?).
My two cents…

Cool progress.


never got around to post ,cool work walrus .first time i saw the landscape…i thought of something like stock alien -market:) but its working well.like the coustume/badge touch on the puppet.maybe the captain could use another pose for his right arm…as like “not agaiinnn” something like a slouching pose.left arm goes better .

looking goody waiting to see it full GL:)


You know something, I don’t blame the aliens… he is kinda cute :rolleyes:


I’ve been posting detail shots because there were lots of spots all over the place that were unfinished. But at this point, I’m mostly finished with the characters so here’s how it has all come together so far. This morning I redesigned the Captain’s ill-formed and poorly-designed shoes & added a wrist-com to one of his sleeves. (It also functions as an MP3 player.)

I don’t necessarily agree with the comment that because the Pilosa are warm-colored like the Captain, anyone’s going to have a hard time telling apart which ones are the aliens and which one is the human. I’m quite happy with their color. Granted, the fur shades don’t cover the whole spectrum, but I think now you can see that they aren’t all the same color or pattern the way they looked in the color rough. (Because touching upon those finer points is what the actual painting stage is all about.)

Anyhow, I’m going to leave the characters alone for a while: Lots of background work to do first!


It’s looking good, I love the top left aliens face his expression is great.It’s good to see the full scene again. Looking forward to see the background updates.


Beautiful picture Mike. I’m waiting for your background now! I like your colour choices. Their clothes look very Asian. :slight_smile:


Yes, the clothing designes were specifically influenced by Japanese brocades, except that I used mushrooms and round, finned spaceships as the main motifs. (Not that you can see that well at this size.)


hi Michael! a lot of work you have done! I don’t follow from the start , but from the latest post , I think it look great!, topic is “feeling and relation” you can capture all of that, I think you come in the right way , the minor point now is just small part about the color which is upto personal preference , for me , from thumbnail page i feel that the color don’t have too much variation , but after I check the full size and your note , I think it look good , so I think I have to wait for background color to complete , sorry for confusing english haha,
good job!


How many hours do you have in your work so far?


The first thing that hit me was the shift of reds and oranges you’ve got going for the characters there, mike. That aspect is truly impressive because the shift fits in very well wth teh background gradation of colours aswell. Really impressed…

not much of substance i know. but you seem to be on the way home :slight_smile:



walrus, this is really really cool! I like their expression a lot ^^


I have a question about your style :slight_smile: You seem to have a very certain way of painting and a very structured workflow. Is that something you have developed on purpose, because you need it at your daily work? Or did it just come to you? When I see this and some of your earlier art, I would guess this is the way a comic book artist would do things.

Nice work (again), by the way :slight_smile:


Martin - See post #117 for the answer.

- About 10 more hours since the last time you asked, but I really don’t keep track.

Everyone else
- Thanks!

Sorry for the terse answers today, but with the deadline approaching, I only have an hour to paint before I head to work this morning and want to use the time on working and less on posting. Wroking on the mushrooms now… Ta!