Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Michael Dashow


Polished line art.


What a beautiful and polished sketch! I see you will have no problems finishing this in time!


Simply beautiful work so far. You have to love those sketches…


Amazing. You could win even just with the line art.

Great illustration and great skills. I’m officially envy!


Great lineart! Awesome!!




I really enjoy the line quality of your work. You did a great job with the composition too. Looking forward to see more from you! :slight_smile:


Well, what can I say… I add my little voice to the chorus: GO FOR IT, Michael ! Focus an composition work perfectly ! :thumbsup:


Aww man! I’d love to be able to do line art like this. It would so much more of a pleasure to colour in than my messy drawing hehehe. Looking good I look forward to seeing how it looks coloured!


Thank you for the notes, everyone. I’ve been busy with out-of-town guests and finally have had some more time to work on this. It’s rough and still coming along, but just thought I’d post some progress to show I’m still alive. The closest two characters have been worked on the most, everything else hasn’t really been touched at all yet.


Hey Mike!
Great work so far, It’s been changing a lot but is good to see you go for a closer shoot now. The line work looks really good, the only part that bugs me is the position of the right arm of the alien holding the guy. the hand is folding back to carry the weight, but at times I think it looks like a stump, maybe it’s the line where the two wrists meet. Anyway a good shadow between both arms will fix that, and for what I see in your last post there’s gonna be a good amount of shadow there.
the first plane (female?) alien holding her hands somewhat reminds me of one of those Muppet cows (at least in the linework) they were so funny :smiley:

Good work. I’ts fun to se a halfway step like this one rather than a pass on the entire picture, tells some more about the process, I think…


Safe!, its looking safe…(it was the only word that came to me.).
I am finding very little to crit…

Though appreciating the shadow of the right mushroom architecture :).



I’m glad to see that you are still working on it! Please keep going, Mike!


Gabriel - Thanks for the comments. Wait 'til it’s all shaded and colored and see if it’s still looking stumpy or not. I can always make adjustments down the road…

Marley - Thanks, I like those shadows too. When I’m using 3D in a piece, as I am here, I like to work out the basic shapes and then place the lights based on where I get good readibility and interesting shadows. Now I’m just lighting the 2D aspects to match. I did the same thing in ‘Farewell Kiss.’ (By the way, and completely off topic, I really liked your peice for the PixelBrush ‘Massive’ contest, and I voted for it. Nice work!)

Jerome - Nope, never gave up on this. I’ve just had out-of-town guests the past 2 weekends which has slowed me down a bit. And I got a really late start due to the Dominance War contest. But as soon as this topic was announced, my wife insisted, “Hurry up and finish your Dominance War entry so you can do the Challenge. You have to do the Challenge!” Because doing humans and aliens interacting is really my thing, what I love doing most. It’ll be a tight squeeze, but I’ll make it. :slight_smile:
(But CGTalk announcing their usual date extension would be most welcome any day now!)


I also hope that you finish this one! I can taste another master piece coming!
cheers ( that fat dude doesn’t seem cheered at all lol! )


Since I’d seen your portfolio and your stunning outstanding art and way to sketch’n draw …I had to trace for this thread.
I will follow this one for sure:applause: …the right man at the right place …in time!
love your sketches, it’ll be great for sure


Here’s the first lighting pass, almost done. This isn’t a value study. My painting’s real values are going to be a mix of this pass along with other layers added in for the colors of each section, each of which will have its own values. Trust me, it’ll work. If you haven’t seen my process before, it’ll make sense in a bit…

Before I get to colors - the fun part! - I still need to do some work on the aliens’ fur. This first pass I rendered it smooth just to get basic values down, but now I need to detail it more with my trusty fur brushes. I will also be adding a second light source from the left foreground (lighting pass #2) and need to create a separate layer for the distance fog. But at least I’m getting somewhere. Should hit the color stage by this weekend, hopefully.

Thank you for the kind notes, Jassar and Neudecker!


Nice guide to your technique too. Looking forward to more.


great work! your negative space is so beautiful! no comments, just awsome.


You’re doing some wonderful work here Mike. I love how this is turning out. There is a great sense of fun about the image


Yea really coming along now, be interesting to see how you tackle the empty space between all the characters (in the middle)…

what program do you use for playing around for the lighting, btw?.

(p.s thanks a million for letting me know about my art…totally appreciated)