Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Michael Dashow


Congratulations Mike, you’ve done it again by producing a beautifully crafted and superb illustration. I can’t help smiling when I look at this image - apart from the humour in the scene, there’s a feeling of optimism and exuberance about it which is infectious. I love that cityscape background and those beautiful birds - it looks alien and also slightly, somehow magical. And your foreground characters are just wonderful. This is definitely one of my favourites in this challenge and one of my favourite examples of your work too. Good luck with the judging, and also, thanks for all your really helpful comments with my thread


good job walrus on finishing it looks great:)


Congrats Mike! this is one of my favorits :slight_smile:
Good luck.


well done Mike. Really awesome work. Beautiful concept and incredible painting productivity. Congratulations! :thumbsup:


Finaly u get an Amazing image.
Very good idea, drawing, lights and shadows, coloring and texturing. All very good.:bowdown:
Also one of my favorits.


Captain Emmett Washington had never enjoyed assignments requiring interaction with the Pilosa clan. His superiors back on Earth couldn’t understand why: They weren’t overtly hostile like the Soro or the Tandu, nor incomprehensible like the Sumubulum or the T’4Lek. In fact, the Pilosa were one of the rare races who were quite friendly towards the wolfling Earthclan. That, groused Washington, was precisely the problem.

My apologies to Mr. Brin for not painting something more directly tied to the Uplift universe. I suppose I missed my golden chance to depict a Gubru, but I just had to go where inspiration took me.

Thank you, again, to everyone who has been kind enough to comment on my work in progress. Sorry to be “double-posting” the final entry here, but I realized last night that some of my last minute color-tweaking made the background values darker than I liked, and the characters read better against the earlier version of the city & sky. I kept all of the other small changes, but removed the adjustment layer that was affecting the backdrop. I know, it’s a miniscule change that only I would notice or care about… but I do, so away it goes!

On an even lesser side note, I find it odd that the built-in spell-checker here is giving me a hard time about Soro and Tandu but not T4’Lek. I wonder if it knows something we don’t? :slight_smile: (All of those races are from the Uplift universe, by the way, with the exception of the Pilosa.)


congrats Mike! another master piece from you again !
save image to walrus folder!!!


Good luck in the voting, it really is a great image. :buttrock:

Matt :slight_smile:


Once again a great final image.:bowdown:

Good luck with the voting.



Hey Michael ! Another excellent image !


Mike, that is just a solid illustration…It feels full. not lacking…the colours have been adjusted enough to remove any feeling of flatness…technically from narration to pixel pushing, one of your most successfull pieces yet…

what a bumper year for you, DM3 was bloody brilliant but you have yet still enough energy to surprise people…surely you must be frazzled by now :)…must be all those years doing game art eeh.

congratulations to you…I too feel you are among the creme of the crop in this contest aswell…Hats of to your consistancy…



Not really contributing here but just wanted to say another awesome job. I can’t believe you managed to pull the hours just after finishing the DWIII piece as well. It’s been inspiring watching the process!

Keep it up!


I can’t believe you managed to pull the hours just after finishing the DWIII piece as well.

…surely you must be frazzled by now…

Damn straight! I am exhausted! If it’d been any other Challenge topic, I ight have passed on it, but I’d be hard pressed to come up with a Challenge theme that suited me better. So I jammed through the DWIII as fast as I could (without skimping on quality) in order to get to this one as well. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had sufficient sleep… And now that I’m deon, it’s not 10pm yet and I am happily going to bed. Give me a week or two to catch up on my rest and then maybe I’ll get back to work. (I still had more “Cataclysm” images I wanted to make.)

Anyhow, even better than putting in all that time is having something great to show for it afterwards and having other folks appreciate it. Thanks for all the kind words, everyone… Good night!


hey Michael,

I love your peice, amazing work, and love the colors, plus its really funny, good luck! although you don’t need it, cheers :beer:


Nice image! YOu’ve illustrated personality with those characters very nicely. Color pallete is nice choice to compensate for mood of the piece and incredible detail. I love clouds too. I can spend forever on them. Lets see if I can finish my image.


Told you already, love it!
Strong piece of work Michael!
Good luck and all the best to you!



I laughed out loud when I saw this. It’s terrific! Good job, and best of luck with the judging.


Another great entry from you :cool: Good job :slight_smile:


A masterpiece. Congratulations!


Congrats and nicely done. Good luck