Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Michael Dashow


beautiful color layout(gradation). awesome work!


I’m still trying to believe how fast you got to this result. :slight_smile: It’s really a great painting with a nice gradient from cool to warm and a very pleasing composition.

However, the part beneath the human still does not work out so good, in my opinion. To be a bit more constructive about that I would say that you should leave out the ladder. It gives away the fact that the foreground scene is not really aligned to the perspective of the background. I understand, that you wanted to put at least something there but I would say that you should go with undefined, blurry structures which would hide the fact, that the whole scene is in fact a worm’s eye perspective which does not really show in the foreground. That is not to say that the perspective is a big issue in your picture. In fact, you only notice it when you’re looking closer at the scene and the ladder is perhaps the first and only point were the beholder would suspect the glitch in the perspective.

I vote for the pun! :slight_smile:


Wonderful what a lovely Human , Is he clean ? You did a great work and thanks again for the critics , finally I have to create the husband of the Queen .


This is INCREDIBLE.The workflow is fantastic and you have a great sense of light and volume!Nice composition and colors.Is one of the best 2D artwork I v seen.


I agree with digitaldecoy, the ladder seems out of place as well as ruining the overall perspective. As for the negative space below the human, just continue from where the top left off, the mushroom stems and stumps, the architecture entrance, some ground foliage, some distant alien inhabitants wandering around, etc. I feel that the centre architecture doesn’t seem to blend with the rest of the buildings very well, especially the centre rings. Perhaps its the perspective that’s bugging me there.

You work very fast! Do you have a day job?


Hi Mike, no crits to offer that have not been mentioned already. I just wanted to pop in and see how it was coming along, looks great :slight_smile:


Scala -

what a lovely Human , Is he clean ?

I’m not sure what you mean by that? Clean? Well, he bathes daily… :surprised

Linda - Thanks for dropping by, glad you like!

Adib and Notec - Thanks to you, too!

Daniel and Jerome - Thank you both so much for your insightful and helpful crits. You guys have been such a great driving force in this challenge with not only helpful comments but really pushing me (hard!) to take my work to a higher level. I appreciate it immensely. So I’ll try knocking down that wall and we’ll figure out what’s behind it! Jerome, you suggested including a ground level landscape, but I think Daniel’s point of this being a worm’s-eye-view touches on the fact that with this camera angle,you might not see the ground at all. But there’s certainly room for something back there… I’ll give it a shot!

Too bad about not keeping the step-ladder. I get what you’re all saying with the perspective, I just thought it was funny… Well, at least you all got to see it. Once. :shrug:


what a lovely Human , Is he clean ?

Obviously, in France they use the same expression as in Germany. Being ‘clean’ (translated literally) for a pet means, that it does not pee onto your carpet but only outside the house. :slight_smile:

Concerning the ladder - we all will hold it’s memory in our hearts! :wink:


looking great ur almost there. imo u should give it a try and indicate whats behind them in that space behind the aliends and under the human…looks like a wall:D+ the ladder… its just out of the image. hard to relate the human to the wall and ladder as his now.
i really like the value and form of the buildings right after the mushrooms they work great but not to sure about that middle 1…i guess either those ribbon like levels or that crescent like circle from the front of it.i really like that its sharp still.
GL with it ur almost done


i suppose, “lil cutie” might not work…“emotionaly uplifting”? or “O bother” or howbout “just wonderful”…really is a tough one to name mike…hahaha

incredible effort for the background…bloody fabtastic!

I think i’ve run outa words sadly…

congratz regardless


Thanks for the suggestions, Marley… 'Though I reckon “oh bother” might be a little too British English for this character. :slight_smile:

I realized I never answered Jermoe’s question about time management: Yes, I do have a day job, quite a busy one ('though I occasionally take a brief break to post, as I am right now.) So how do I get so much work done? Two answers: I forgo sleep and I have an understanding wife! If the theme had been different, I might not have as much of the latter, but when she saw the theme of Alien/Human interaction, she insisted I HAD to do this Challenge: It’s really like my dream category. As for the sleep thing, I am REALLY looking forward to the Challenge being over so I can return to a normal sleep and excerscise cycle. (If there were a smiley with dark circles under its eyes, I’d use it right here.)


An idea just popped into my head: how about the human’s own ship in the negative space area? He could have just landed there and the planet natives stopped by to adore his ‘cute’ looks. :slight_smile:


Michael your entry is really beautiful! very nice sweet energy comin’ from this image the paint expressions and colors are superb congrats!!


I think that’s an excellent idea, Jerome (as most of yours have been.) So I spent tonight painting out that wall and adding some new structures down there along with continuations of the old… and a little UEASA Cruiser there on a landing pad in the background. You all were right, this gives the peice a lot more depth.

While I was there, I also added a few more “birds” breaking off from the flock to give them a bit more feeling of life (a suggestion from Henning Ludvigsen) and shifted the far ear of the top left male Pilosa back a bit because it didn’t look anatomically correct.

So how am i looking NOW? :slight_smile:


Oh, and here’s a closeup of the as-yet-unnamed UEASA Cruiser. I wanted to go for something blocky and different from all the curves of the Pilosa architecture.


That really did the trick! It comes together just wonderful in my opinion. I’m not at all feeling sorry for the ladder anymore, now. :wink:


blimey! just realised i’ve not said a word on your thread! how rude of me, been watching your progress but had no crits :slight_smile:

ace work as always man.
good luck!


It looks wonderful, Mike. I love those birds too - they are perfect for this scene. As for a title, the suggestions already made are cool and the uplift puns already mentioned work just fine for me


just awesome! the ladder boot out really brought the best in this piece! well done mike! :applause: ( me totally with jerome! i.e … you work really fast! :eek: )


Fantastic image :thumbsup:
Makes me realise that I’m completely out of my league :eek:
So I think I’ll quietly withdraw from this comp, maybe another time.

Good luck mate :thumbsup: