Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Michael Dashow


Hey Walrus congrats on an amazing final image! :beer: As a matter of interest, did you supply a plain rgb file for that print, and did you have to do any colour adjustment on it? BTW my favourite detail in your painting is that flock of birds (well alien birds). Great finished piece and as before awesome workflow. :bowdown:


Rupert - Thanks! My monitor at home is really well calibrated, so pretty much what I see on it is what I can expect to see in my prints (allowing for inherent differences between RGB and CMYK.) So no, I didn’t need to do anything but send my printer the final flat RGB file.

Alwyn - I haven’t ever tried printing on canvas yet. I prefer smooth and slightly rough papers - like watercolor. I don’t feel like my work is brushy enough to work well on canvas! :slight_smile:


hehehe, fantastic work Michael, very funny and cool. I like the nice environment and the very well detailed scene.

Congrats! :thumbsup:I really enjoyed it.



thats so funny…al the expresions are great…i cant`t belive that i was missing this one…i dicided to add you to my gallery for this challenge!:beer:


Agree with the “jajajaj…” of my predecessor :smiley:

I know it sounds repetive but It´s a great work, very “walrus” of course :slight_smile: and with great quality…

soo, as always, good luck and enjoy =)


Nice work ! Excellent perspective!


hehe this one is realy funy, he congratulations


weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :bounce:
CONGRATULATIONS are in order mike!! excellence category :scream: i knew you would win!! :stuck_out_tongue: … well deserved! :thumbsup:


Congrats champ :thumbsup:


Congrats Michael - really super work and well deserved :beer:
All the best!


Congrats , Michael! See you in the next Challenge :wink:


Yep, great work yet again & well done! :applause:


Congratulations Mike, great job!


Thanks, everyone! I’m quite honored, thank you for your kind words!


Well, I guess this means I have to by that cintique with my own money now. he he.

Mike, great job I am glad your wife pushed you into this. It really suited you.
great finish as always.
We really should do lunch someday.


:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
Congratulations Michael it was a real pleasure to follow your wip and to see your work .


Congratulations Michael! A very well deserved award for your inspirational work! Keep it up!


I was sure that you were going to place - and I was right!

Congratulations and thanks again for your suggestions.

Hope to see you in the next one.

Take care,



Congratulations, Mike! A well-deserved win! See you at the next challenge, mate! :slight_smile: