Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mathieu Didier


really nice work!
I can see how much effort did you put into this image, well done!

edit: [i]my only comment would be about that lens flare

imo it looks kind of “cheap” … and the rings of the flare should always have center in the center of the lens. So they won’t be this kind of “random” but laying on a line going from center. But it’s a minor thing :slight_smile:


Congrats, Didier! I really like your story! I can feel like it is one of those photo-journals, which makes me want to see the rest of it!!! :smiley:

The lens flare really does add a nice touch to it.

P.S. did that lamp post come from the Expo area? :slight_smile:

Once again, congratulations on a work very well done!


Wonderfull pic, great angle great light, a very great image congratulation


Felicitaciones che! The lens flare gives it that extra something. Muy bueno :bowdown:


winchester -Nosalis-jeromoo-MDN67-GaeasHerald…

thanks you all …i’m really happy to finish this one on time…


I feel utterly dwarfed by this image! Very well made and very cool!


From beginning till the end Wonderfull work . You’ve got your idea and you don’t move .
I’m still thinking that we’ve got a sensation of “Vertige” Bravo Superbe


It knocked me out.
Detail is amazing. Awesome work. Simply awesome.


I want to give u constructive comments but I can’t
…whooo amazing… it’s amazing , great entry :drool:


really amazing detail, awesome perpective, the textures are great, nice characters too and the story behind them are very cool…Congrats!..one of my favorite entry.:thumbsup:



Hi Mathieu,
you are finally done!!! Congratulations for finishing it up! :applause: Truely impressed by such accomplishment, you have been a great inspiration, not only for me, but for so many other challengers too during this contest! :bounce:
All the best!


holy sh!t… just saw this.
best image in the cahllenge for me.


Superb image!

Excellent composition, detail, lighting, perspective… the list goes on.

Fantastic work! :smiley:


One of the best finals so far :thumbsup: Congrats :slight_smile:


wow!! :eek: as i mentioned before … i think we have a winner here! :smiley: congratulations on your final entry dude! :bounce: :applause: really top notch!


Outstanding work - one of my favorites. Good luck for the contest :thumbsup:


wow! colossal!


Hey guys thanks a lot for the comments …what im seeing now in this challenge is an incredible amount of stunning final images i hope they gonna do a book like they ve done for the grand space opera…


ufff, viejo que trabajo tan excelente, desde que comenzó el challenge lo miré como uno de los ganadores, ojala ganes viejo

un saludo y suerte :thumbsup:


Hey Big D!

Congratulations finishing this image! There’s a lot of work I know. I like the background story - adds a lot to the picture, makes it more real, more believeable and more natural, even if it’s a fiction. I feel this picture could be a cool tourist photo.

Nice work! Inspiring effort! :beer: :thumbsup: