Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mathieu Didier


hey man, great work. unique perspective and I learned a lot from this piece. good luck!


in Top ten 2d images for sure… One of the very best work all around! Rock on man! u got a winner piece here!


that view point makes the picture for me. looking good.


Excellent job Mathieu ! one of the best thing I have ever seen from you !
I think it will be something good coming in this challenge from this entry !
Cheers !


.walrus…stefgrafx…Intervain…thanks a lot everybody! sorry for this late reply but i was quite busy at work no time to paint more…

Jupy…Maph…Hey hey yes is the jupiler…les hommes savent pourquoi…


i have done very small changes…on the ship …i hope perspective looks more accurate…and also in the jupiler can shading…i still dont know where i can improve the image is hard to see clearly after been so long into…


Fantastic perspective and work. Just love it! :slight_smile:


great job.


Wow that is a truly stunning image! Love the detail, composition, characters! It is all so good! Great job!


the details are great, but still the interesting perpective of that artwork really amaze me…
good luck to your entry.:thumbsup:



this is very nice:)nice angle uve got there


Wooooah! I’m getting dizzy just looking at it!! Beautiful work. Perspective is just fantastic. Well done!! :applause:


okay i think im done…i have add a cheap lens flare and scale up the alien in the foreground…i don’t know if it’s better???not really sure…


Hi, Mathieu, I find you may try to blur the lense flare a bit, now it looks like freshly out of the photoshop filter. :stuck_out_tongue: I always feel that lense flare adds something more to an image, I do that with my matte paintings too, but personnally, I think that viewer should “feel” that flare instead of seeing it clearly. You got a materpiece there!!! One of my favorite entries for sure! :thumbsup:


thanks a lot Donglu im gonna try to blur it now…


From the looks of it, that philly’s been hollowed out and refilled…:wink:

Im very impressed [b]Mathieu. This is really a very interesting image. You have come up with a really solid entry to this competition, and a great piece for you portfolio.

I know what its like to stare at something so long you have a hard time analyzing it. Heres my thoughts with a fresh eye:
-The clouds stand out as being photo compared to the illustrative look of all the other elements. Id love to see you paint over these. But if your short on time…set the pressure of the smudge tool low and brush them over, feeling out the form.

-The neck of the bottle that the human is holding seems long to me. (very small nitpick)

-For the most part the lighting seems consistent. HOwever, to me the lightsource on the cigar looks a bit off. Seems to me like the side facing down should be darkest, when comparing it to how youve lit other forms.

I hope this helps a little.
Your a crazy man, [/b]Mathieu. Im inspired. Keep at it, with this piece and in the future!


hey winchester thanks a lot for all those crits!!!the clouds are really painted maybe is due of the size of the image it’s hard to see…the bottle is actually like dat…i have taken foto as references…but for the cigar u are absolutely right!!! im gonna change this right now…thanks again!!yeah!!


yeah this is the final image …thanks everybody…it was really fun to do this challenge…i thinks is one of the image that i spend the most time workin on it…
The story:
As we missed the latest transgalactical express yesterday night because my dude kool jack was late (waxing his horns 4 sure!), we decide to go to the seveneleven for a midnight shopping…beers,rhum,vodka,phillies…
we smoke almost all the stuff we suppose
to bring to our homies at Orion’s constellation.Big daddy purple was as usual already knock-out sleepin’ since the first round of beers, the time pass…kool jack has his green emeralds eyes totally turned red but he still standing…one more hour to wait for the first ship it was time to open the bottle of rhum as the third sun start to rise.


Great job Jaba153!

You are right about the clouds! they look fine upon closer inpection.
Good job on the cigar. I wouldnt have even mentioned it, except that is in a focal point so Im glad you fixed it!

Hats off to you buddy! You deserve much applause on this one!


i thought that was a philly!