Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mathieu Didier


The detail is incredible… :slight_smile:


Wow! Good job man. nice! Awesome work as ever ! Good luck.:buttrock:


amazing detail you got there, overall image image is looking good.



Almost done…i still have to break some lines…to make a bit more realistic…comments are very welcome i’ve work so much on that image that is hard to have a fresh eye on it…im gonna let rest a bit before send the final one…and write a cool story…


Well done Jab’! :cool:

Like a lot this image, i know it’s hard to be on it all day and then find what’s missing… for me the background is really ok, my only crit will be on the can, the big Jupiler seems…i don’t maybe too flat when you see the other stuff on the image, also the one behind in the same position make it weird…IMHO… but that’s just my only crit and you’ve done a amazing work!!!

Just let pass some days and look at it … maybe you’ll know if you wanna change something and what to change.

You can be really proud man, that’s a really piece of art, with an amazing style!!! :beer:

Can’t wait for the crazy story too!! :wip:


Great work, Didier! I feel the beer cans can be better, and more reflective. The standing Jupiter can (red one) doesn’t seem to be of the right size when placed next to the fallen blue beer cans next to it.

Perhaps you want to put some cigar butts sticking out of the beer cans?

Hold it off for a few days and come back to it again. You may find new ideas to add or things to improve on.

Still a great job!


mathieu i have no crits or really anything constructive to say but this image is really cool and inspiring definitely one of the best if not the best ive seen in this competition, great work.
i wanna be like you! :cry:


Wow, that’s a lot of booze!
About the red can, if you change it, you might as well rotate it a bit, cause it’s in exactly the same angle as the one thats a step higher. That was the only crit I could come up with.
Asombroso che.


Incroyable Félicitations Mathieu


I don’t know how I missed this one…
Now, browsing through the thread has me truly and well stunned : crazy perspective, impossible amount of detail, great athmosphere and I personally like a lot the ‘loiterers’ idea, I find the story is really believable.

My compliments. Chapeau!


SuperXCM… jeromoo…GaeasHerald…thanx a lot i know for the beers advices… i agree they look flat and they also look quite similar…also the scale…maybe i was drunk doin-it…

again is not jupiter…is Jupiler…is a belgian classic street beer…

Octostatue…Thaldir…scala…thanks so much for the compliments…i have suffer a lot doin this image…is almost done…


Way cool, man! Winning material for sure. :bounce:

Great job on the Jupiler. :applause: There should be more Belgian beers in digital art! :smiley:


I really like the angle and the overall composition! Great stuff :wip:


really impressive persperctive… great work :applause:


Really nice work, Mathieu. Quite a dizzying perspective you’ve got there - my neck hurts just looking at it! :slight_smile: Great job.


Beautiful work :buttrock:


Looks about done now Didier. Hip piece! I look foward to seeing the final illustration. Later.:wink:


Nice work Mathieu, I love the perspective, haha, love the beer cans, if those are beer cans, i think their jupliers not sure, but if so, haven’t had them for a very long time, keep it up, and good luck



That is amazing! - Well, almost speechless.


Amazing detail Mathieu, if you’re not near to finishing I’d be even more amazed!