Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mathieu Didier



stunning work mate… great concept .
good luck


i have changed a bit the position of the alien in the foreground…is very little change but gives me a better feeling like dis for the composition


Bah!!! Jab’ that’s totally AWESOME! I really like the style of the Alien in the front, like the little details too, and his new face is much better, you have really improve since your last pictures…

Almost finished man, keep the good work… impressive image… :beer:


I think your human alien is spot on now…Its interesting…I was almost about to say, less is more…when i look at your latest update, i liked the space between the fence without the rungs…but then after a while, the rungs started to appeal…I’d love to see a high rez version…The work you’ve placed into this is beyond the beyond :)…



The composition and the perspective complement each other really well on this piece. It guides my eyes to travel through all the visual elements on the painting.
I can see that you put lot of attention to details into your work, can you upload few closeups so we can fully enjoy them? :wink:


The best perspective. Also very good textures.
Buen trabajo, esta quedando de lujo.


here are some close ops…


D A M N! ! ! ----------__ JAWDROPPING IMAGE…amazed.:eek:


latest update…few more beers to do…few more beers to drink…


Wonderful perspective . It’s so well done that my knees are shaking at that sight . Wonderful piece .


Great improvements! I like it!


Jupiter:beer: Is it soda, or beer?

Excellent Space folklore example, it recalls me undercarriage cleaners scenes from The Fifth Element.

Good luck with your lovely work!!


Scala & wen han thanks for support!!
silgrin is not Jupiter is a jupiler a belgian beer from the hometown i use to live…very good one…


Damm, I’ve missed this one! Awesome work, gorgeous perspective here.
I’m not that fond of the idea of loitering around, personally, but the contrast of high tech with the very mundane scene is very interesing. Anyhow, great, great picture!


very interesting perspective, the details are amazing,
really looking forward for the final image, good luck! :thumbsup:


here are another close up i know some wanna see work with proper resolution…for all the background the tower i use mostly the line tool that allows me a very sharpen render who can look nice from far…


another detail for some rusty aspects i use photography references with the soft light fusion layer mode 15 percent opacity…


Wicked details! Me like! Perhaps you may also want to add the blue motif to the bottom part of the ship like its tip for overall consistency?

I would like to see one or two engineers inspecting the ship from the platform just above the human guy’s left shoulder.

Coming on strong now!


WOW!!! Ok, I am REALLY impressed! Great details! Thumbs up! :slight_smile:


jeromoo thanks i think i can add blue motif…and characters too but i 've first to finish those beers…

Donglu…merci bcp!

artizakO…harachte…thanks a lot !!!