Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mathieu Didier


Waouw Jab’!

Is goign better and better! Can’t wait for the next update!


andreas-V-nwiz25-SuperXCM…thanks a lot! still a lot of work…actually is the first time that im takin so much time for the finition… i’m tryng to make it looks real as far as i can but its crazy hard.

asparta…u right the persp is a bit off next update will be corrected…

LightSovereign…yeah actually im not too sure about the over all balance …haze…highlights etc… i want first to paint every thing and adjust with more attention later


you change the view and it’s getting better and better.


this is just a detail i still have to work on the alien in the foreground and add more beers here’s the first one…


The detail just amazes me! I can’t think of any crits at the moment, just enjoying watching the whole thing come together!




sense of space is impressive.good luck


heres a detail…


El nivel de detalle es impactante che. My tiny suggestion would be to make the aliens a notch more outlandish, just for fun.


Keep rocking, Jab! I have told you this before: it would be nice to see more alien-looking aliens. Currently they look like humans in prothestic makeups. I know you want them to be more human looking so its up to you. I think people here would like to see a more creative design of the aliens: design that is comparable to the rocket you have in your background.

I like the beer can! I suggest you change the Tiger logo as well, even though you have changed the name.

Keep it up, my friend!


jeromoo…i can’t change the logo …u know i’m born in 74 im a tiger in chinese atrology it’s suite me too good…yeah i know for the aliens …but i still believe they look like humans…

GaeasHerald…gracias! si voy a tratar de cambiarlos un poco…

ZhuLi…xie xie!


year of the tiger : ) me too

looking amazing man. and your nearly finished! got no crits , but one design quiery. the dude with the cigar, are the spines/horny bits running down the side of his head or down the middle? it’s a tricky angle.
any how, top work man.


i’ m tryin to get more original design on the alien …thanks neubius for the advice in the horns…


Very nice work, Jaba :slight_smile: Personally I would make the aliens look a bit more “alien”, but I think yours would do alright.


ha! that totally fixed it. nice one :)that’s a heavy toke on that cigar, he must have some mean alien lungs to cope with that :slight_smile:


MartinNielsen…thanks martin!..im trying to come with somethin more alien but at the same time i want them be close to humans…maybe differents clothes?

Neubius…actually is not really a cigar…its a blunt full of weez thats why i want them looks totally high…


…thought so man, but was being er … tackfull… or something hahaha

ah well :slight_smile:

that’s a big toke!


Hey Mathieu, really cool and amazing image. Like a lot the forced perspective on it. The environment on the whole image is great. Like Neubius, think you need a some smoke out of the cigar, only a comment :slight_smile: Again, great work!! ( Increible trabajo, la perspectiva es espectacular, aunque siento que la nariz de la nave esta fuera de perspectiva, solo mi opinión y ya de gusto personal :slight_smile: tal vez el punto de fuga en el punto focal superior derecho para hacer algo más diagonal la imagen y un poco más agresiva. Se que esto lo digo ya muy avanzado tu trabajo, entonces no me hagas caso :D. La verdad te la rifaste con tu imagen, como decimos en méxico :D)

Cheers :beer:


addimg more beers in the foreground…


Graffitti can!! at least one somewhere :)…pleaasee! In other news, this is looking wonderful. Just polish up that foreground and maybe add some enviromental atmosphere effect? Watching for your updates.