Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mathieu Didier


Great paintwork. I love the dizzying perspective of the space ship and launch tower. One small suggestion: you might want to add a little steam or smoke behind your characters just to separate background from foreground a bit more. In particular, I almost lose the cigarette or cigar the alien in the lower right is smoking to some of the tubes in the background.

Great work, though. Keep it up, and best of luck in the contest!


vmulligan: yeah u right actually it was already suggested by jeromoo …i’m gonna put all atmosferic effects at the end when everything is painted…

piktor: u right Big Z those highlights are too brutal thanks a lot !

GaeasHerald: gracias compadre!

thepineman-SuperXCM: thanks a lot!


i start to paint the alien… this one is really tired sleepin after a long party night chillin outside…


i’ ve flipped my image for the first time and it looks more dynamic to me…
but i have to redo all the graffiti wall because all the tags are flipped too… :frowning:


i have changed the wall and did a first attempt to the color balance…


man this is awesome. blown away by the level of detail.

i preffer it this way round the line of the railing leads nicely in to the picture .left to right works better :slight_smile: cool


ta chevere marico ! espectacular!


hey thnks a lot Neubius i think i m gonna keep that way the image its more readable…
Gracias chimboliano… a ver si acabo vaina esta este fin de semana…


simply Amazing Jaba, the composition is perfect!
I love the grafiti in the back :slight_smile:
but why are the aliens green, maybe you can break the cliche in this one :wink:

can’t wait to see the final thing, its looking great already


This piece is just a technical marvel…I appreciate how you use references…This sure is a thread to study deeply. tis really coming along beautifully…

Minor crit would be the dark grey area toward the top of the vessel, seemingly needs to convey the same roundness or curves of the fuselage…as it appears to be flat. making it appear to be at aiming at a different vanishing point…In anycase…

im still staring at awe for the piece.

i wish to do one myself :smiley:



Hey D.D.A, I like the new flipped version. Looks more dynamic now. Its nice to see that you leave behind your trademarks to all of your paintings: the graffitis. :slight_smile: I spotted the other rocket in the background. Its position seemed odd to me. Perhaps you can put it somewhere ‘higher up’ as it is being launched into the space (so we can see the rocket flame and smoke streaming from its behind).

Also try to make the characters as detailed and unique as the background. The bg is taking all the attention away from them right now.

Keep it up, Jaba!


jeromoo: xie xie ! yes i think its a good idea to make it higher in ze sky…i will try later…LightSovereign: hey thanks a lot u’re right! it’s totally weak…its hard to see those errors because i spend so much time on it that i don’t have a fresh eye anymore thats why im gonna focus on foreground now …
aliismail: salamalekum ali …u don’t like green aliens but they are not really green…i’m trying to get them kind of bronze color to the skin


No critiques. I’m just in awe. Amazing work!


Wow mind blowing. Well done.


This is going really well man…I m not quite sure for the image flipping… but we will see, the color balnce looks great already… will be an impressive final image!



starting to paint the human character…and addin detail on foreground …


I like that image.The angle is very impressive and the detail work is great.
Best wishes


nice work…i like the angle of view…the top of the ship bugs me with its perspective…good luck, mate.


sensational man!! :eek: i think we have a winner! :smiley: :bounce:


looking unbelievably natural…that sure is some interaction…and all elements blend together hormoniously now.

Though i presonally preffer the warmer tint in palette of your previous version…but only a crit of personal taste.