Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mathieu Didier


Hey man, I know, I will post soon, I’ve draw some concepts, but didn’t get time to post… you know work, work, work!!!

But i will for sure!

Anyway, I will follow your thread, I m sure it will be a impressive final image!

Keep the good work!



latest update i have almost finish to paint the ship im going to start the red scafold tower at left all the main elements are separated in different layers… i want to do a final color balance and add some atmosferic effects when everything gonna be paint…


this is just a detail … the ship is almost done…


here are more details… hope finish the background soon and start the characters and foreground


i have changed a bit the composition… the image is a bit bigger that allows me more space for details in the foreground



The picture looks fantastic. Great use of perspective. :bowdown:


Oh wow oh wow oh wow. I love that perspective! Awesome! :bowdown:

Well, the only critique I can think of is that because of that perspective, our eyes are drawn more to the rocket than to the human-alien interaction (especially now with the rocket so impressive and the human and alien look like delinquent…)


yeah pegahoul u re right…i think i have to work a lot with the light and colors to bring the attention to the characters also give more contrast in the foreground…and let the overall tones from the background more uniform… every single element is in a different layer so it would be easier for the balance between diiferents elements…

grooshka thanks a lot!


i have almost finished to paint the background …now starting the characters i will try to get them cool expressions thats gonna be tuff for me characters are always hard to do.


wow really nice!

you’ve really got an eye for detail!



wow, just wow! the amount of detail is just plain scary!


now my wife is gonna see me smoking in your ref! im dead.

one thing: La baranda de atras tiene mal la perspectiva.

nice work man . !! :buttrock:


Heya Didier Jaba Mathieuuuu, :slight_smile: Looking great thus far! I’ve given you some comments at office, but I will put them here for everyone’s sake too: Layers of haze at the background in front of the rocket to help push it back from the focus (the characters). I also suggest a hint of a spacestation beyond clouds to mark a destination if you like.

Keep it up, man!


Jeromooo actually that ship is a transgalactical express so destination is far far away but yes i can think for some object in the sky to give more depht…haze and spec are for final touch when everything will be paint…
Chilombiano…stop smokin…
Jassar & neubius thanks a lot but u know, actually i have a problem i can’t do something simple it too difficult to me so i hide my wickness addin and addin details… i think tranchefeux got the same problem…


Great perspective. The background looks like a 3D model with that amount of detail you put on it. Good work.


latest update ha ve almost finish to paint the background now im goin to start characters…


Damn Jab’

You re fast! I really love the background and details can t wait to see it with the final adjustement and FX layers.
Go on with the good work!



the spacecraft looks spectacular, good work.


Trippin tranquilazo! La imagen se viene espectacular, gurí. I can’t understand how you get that many details in so fast, I envy you big time.
Dale pa’ delante! :thumbsup:


Hey Didier, nice background, yo!
One ting only - just to be picky and smartass: for me the highlights on the left red crane-thing are a bit too strong. I feel like it starts to “turn” towards the camera. Maybe push back the tones a bit, or make them a bit thinner.
But overall I like it! Let’s see the carachters! :cool: