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Latest Update: Final Image: final image…trippin trankilo


hello, everybody joinin’ the challenge after thinkin a lot about idea and composition…i decide to do a very simple situation where humans and aliens are already buddies sharing cubans cigars before takin place in the transgalactical express from 9 am.


I enjoy the idea and I think the perspective on the ship adds a lot of character to the piece. I don’t like how the alien is holding the cigar, though. I’ve never seen anyone hold a cigar like that, unless they were making a sex joke. I think that adding a lot of atmospheric perspective and depth to the background is really going to make this one shine.


Hey Franck u’re damn right about the holding cigar…lol! it was just a quick sketch not accurate at all im gonna do it properly… the other guy gonna handle a beer too


Hey there, Didier! So this is the sketch you were talking about. Oh man, the alien is making obscene gestures! :smiley:

As for the rest, I told you already at work.

Keep going! :smiley:


i was sure i lef a comment. anyway! looking good nice perspective!!!


these are the main lines of the perspective and vanishing point i’m actually using few photography as references…


here are the photo i’m using as references …im gonna try to match as close as possible the background i use also the photography as reference for this weird perspective for the characters…but at the end im goin to make it totally different…and both of them aliens of course.


theres a close up of inside the hangar , i use mostly the line tool because is easyer and less painful than trying to do with a normal brush every thing is paint i m not using the photography reference to paint to be sure to keep a good quality in the final paint


this is the latest update im focusing first on the background the actual characters are just very rough in style shape and colors…the overall colors are also in progress …it seems the general color mood a bit boring im gonna try a more dramatic lighting it suppose to be early in the morning and those fellaz just spend the whole night chillin outside…
im going to put lot of empty cans and bottle of beers in the foreground…


Amazing perspective, and a cool concept too! Good luck!!


Haha, great funny concept! :buttrock:


i like the concept … and very nice painting :thumbsup:


Oh I see, it was on the video!

Good luck! :slight_smile:


hey joana i don’t understand u?

nightwoodwolf-js3d-Pearlyking…thanks a lot for comments!!


Yeah, sorry. I posted a comment already too. I think I saw your post under the video submissions or something.



i’ve changed the sky…tryng to find a better mood the hangar is almost finished…now i’m gonna work on the ship…


Hey hey Jab’ strikes back!
Nice to see you in this challenge man, I really like the concept, really funny this idea of human and alien chilling together… and the perspective and composition is really great…

Add more beer can bro’! :beer:

And keep it up!


thanks a lot simon but where’s your entry??
u should drop stuff as well!!


I like the perspective. I am waiting to see how this will develop further down the line. Welcome Didier, if I have not told you that already. Later. :thumbsup: