Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Marley Mcleay


Thank you Kenneth very much



Hey, thank you very much, no worries, i hope you are successfull in getting your image thru!!..


[/b]Ahh thank you very much also, best of luck to you too!, hope to see you finish!

Hey, Ken you didn’t come all the way over to my neck of the woods just to compliment Andy did you…well I NEVER…I want a full refund of the money i sent you in the mail!!


Thank you 2 again…

really appreciated!!



HAHAHA Marley! oh my god I just realised what I did! Sorry oops lmao

I get so confused when I see the forum threads in my email!


snirks hehe actually I almost fell victum to this unusual technique for the previous NVart competition

Almost felt like letting rip in a packed elevator hahah.

hey i gotta good laff out of it, which is an absolute bonus in my eyes :slight_smile:

take care andy!



Love your pastel palette


Hi Marley!:slight_smile:

Congratulations! I like so much this concept…full of energy and gets the feeling of other dimensions totally dig that idea! the colors I like them coz from my experience in spiritual teachings , when the color looks more clear means a best pure advance kind of like more close to GOD! So thanks for sharing a nice and great detail in this universe of ideas!

Wish you the best:applause:


Hi everyone, this is the version i ended up uploading last week…i uped the contrast slightly…I think its better…hard to tell on the desktop but it looked good in photoshop…

feedback from those who have instilled the old version in mind would be welcome :slight_smile:


PS) also reduced the originals pixels by 400…my final file went from 24mbs down to 18.5…a bit easier on me 56k. (4000px wide down to approx 3600)

i would upgrade to cable but unfortunately A) tis expensive B)the entire network is in use…one can’t get broadband unless someone gives it up…then your in…

i love small towns.


hey thank you very much, Axel…that would be one of the more unique compliments i’ve recieved…I thank you for that…honoured to have you visit!!

thank you very much

You know i never set out to achieve th epastel look, but every now and again someone says, “nice pastel colours” hahahaha
thats totally cool, thank you for visiting ^^



Hi Marley,
Really nice image. U have a very personal style.


ahh, thank you very much…Always glad for people to come visit…

thank you



HI MArley!
Yep indeed, you got your own personal style and a nice one!!!
Those kinda pastel colors really contribute to this feeling of being in another dimension.
Very dreamy, Great!!!
Congratz on finishing a great pic and hope to see you next time.



HI REMKO :applause:

ahh, great to see a familiar name floatin around…Thanks for the compliments…well i can say i guess i was lucky growing up in a small town in new zealand and not really having net exposure untill the ripe ol age of 22…The NET has really opened my eyes…i could not get over how out of touch i felt with regards to whats seen on photoshop…But on the other hand i had time to have developed somewhat of a universe before slightly commercialising myself :).


Thanks Remko

great to see ya.



A very colorful and dreamy pic you created. Congrats.


Wow, thank you for the lovely compliment, even after the comp had long finished…Thank you very much for commenting, Dragneye



You’re very welcome. Just cuz the challenge is over don’t mean one should forget the nicer pics:)


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