Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Marley Mcleay


nice work boss, the colors have me mesmerized.


Great pic, as I’ve said, it really gets across the alien-ness of your environment and beings. But you call that fast? - pfff! ;):smiley: Best of luck with the judging and make sure you let me know if you do another!


Wow this is great, being able to see all the conceptual stages that you went through to get there. You have put alot of work into this and it really shows in the final image. Great stuff Marley, and I wish you the best of luck with the CG challenge! :smiley:


Man your finished? :slight_smile: I really like the color scheme that you have for the image + all of the details you packed in. It is a great image, congratulations!

Matt :slight_smile:


holy cow!! :eek: wish i could finish my work like you :cry: as i mentioned before … your work is always dreamy and colourful! this certainly fits the bill man, congratulations are in order! :thumbsup: all the best for the judging! cheers bro! :beer:


Now that you’re all done mate all that’s left is to wish you the best of luck! :slight_smile:


Final image?! I’m just getting started and you’re already leaving? Darn, we missed each other! :smiley: Anyhow, great work, and a very “you” piece, which always fits classic sci-fi really well… maybe because your work often reminds me of the classic science fiction cover artist Richard Powers. His stuff tended towards more surreal and interpretive than yours, but I always get a similar vibe. Anyhow, congrats for being done and nice work!



Thank you very much mate,. actually i’m kinda bummed being finished, its as if i am missing out on all the fun, in anycase appreciate your visit

Thank you

hello mate, yep all done, I do remember thinking i have got to get the colours bright as pixie, with a lot of light…Because i’d seen alot of dark images in Dominance War and it was becoming a cliche…So all had to be positive, no negativity at all.

Thanks mate

Simon, HAH Pardon?, am i to understand you are calling yourself fast…pffft!!..DRAW…wait a minute…
Thankies mate. I appreciate the note of the alien ambience…

Thanks for the well wishes…Yea i can appreciate the process of creation in anyart…always looking for that one key that has the answer for art creation…so i thank you very much for teh comment.

good on ya, Carl

:D, cheers very much, yep i’m finished but kinda feel out of all the fun…Im really enjoying the different results that are coming up…REALLY looking forward to seeing yours completed.

take care

Always a pleasure having you visit, Neville, it really is.

“wish i could finish my work like you”

are you indoubt of finishing?, i hope not…your EON entry had such a unique ambience…don’t deprive us of your vision…:argh:

[/b]BILL, my friend your strong support is really appreciated, especially on other sites…

Cheers my friend and again thanks for the well wishes :smiley:


[/b]ahh mike, it would not be a cgchallenge without walrus…Yea…its weird, i feel i may have cheated myself somehow by whipping this in before everyone has taken their 3rd breath…I really felt a piece should be a challenge all the way…I picked up on the rhythm of this concept right from the first scribbles…and then i was finished…It really did do everything i wanted…I’m trying to decipher whether i have pushed myself enough or should i have aimed higher to take myself out of my comfort zone?..But then all i wanted was something different…perhaps if i wanted something challenging i should have put the thought out early…yea, a weird quandary of thought i’ve got going.

Anyways, thank you for leaving your thoughtful comments, Mike



Wow, what great use of color. It’s beautiful.


Oh letme confess I had to copy your last post and paste it on Phpotoshop (sorry for that) just to see how much of the colors were printable, and It barely changed when I turned it into CYMK oh boy!..
Great colors, I guess the non-jpg version looks better yet. It was great to see the steps.

Very well done!:applause:


A job well done my friend! I wish I had the confidence you have with color. Very bold and positive piece. Congrats!


hehe, thank you, im glad you stopped by to comment…Thanks


[/b]No worries mate, that sounds ultra cool. Its amazing, generally i have to keep an eye out on my colour usage in Photoshop using the “Gammut” tool. or ctrl+y (or it could be shft+ctrl+y)… and its been one of the rarest occasions where i have had virtually no correction issues or those darned grey pixel areas…and i really pushed these colours…It really did just slot into place…No worries.thats prolly one of the most unique compliments i’ve received :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha…perhaps dropping colour onto greyscaled images is the safest way to go?.

N.E ways, thank you for taking the time to comment…(and play round with it:P )

[/b]Hey thanks very much, mate. Well yea i guess i don’t really hold back in that department…I don’t exactly follow the rules with colours i just drop em in and hope to get lucky…Thats easily done in digital, for sure :D.

Take cre mate



Congratulations! This is such a wonderful piece! I have read your notes on the final image, you succeeded definitely in using visual language to express your thoughts and the concept behind this painting! Thumbs up! :slight_smile:


This has a great pencil colour feel, with visual ballet of light and colours. But try to bring out some contrast to help guide our eyes. I suggest darkening the foreground elements that gradually dissolved into the bright beyond. Also, the human figure (which I think is a human) is too obscured there. How about adding a human behind the alien ‘priest’ as a guest of honor of this majestic extra terrestial place?


Hey. :wavey: Nice stuff from you again :slight_smile: I agree with trying with more contrast.


goodness sakes Marley whaddya mean your done already? ha ha you get back here :stuck_out_tongue: Beautiful colors as always and a very nice flow, I think that is why I love your work so much it has such nice flow and curvey lines .


nice work man, great add of contrast . reads much better. good luck


Ace mate, you’d be the first to actually mention th estory and i am so glad you picked up that it conveys strongly…I’ve said this before but you just never know whether people will pick up on it or treat it as convoluted crap :P.

haha, thank you, your piece is stunning aswell

AAAAh that is an awesome crit…If only i recieved that back then…yea there is still time but i’ve moved on to doing otherstuff. well see…THANKS for the valid crit…appreciated.

HAH :beer:
G’day mate, great to see you here…Thanks for dropping by and commenting…

Many thank yous, linda…Ahh yea i’m done…I have to race against my health before my brain truly slows to a crawl :stuck_out_tongue: hahahaha…I have a belief that least time spent on the computer is more time in the sunshine…The piece is done and dusted :D…

Thank you

Yea [/b]I appreciated the crit at the time…honestly sometimes you don’t like to admit there is more work to be done, but when you read a crit like that one previously, something deep down kicks in and says, yep thats absolutely right!!.

this was one of those incidents!

Thank you for dropping by to check up :D.

Always a pleasure to recieve crits everyone and comments, even weeks after i’ve finished. its great

Take care


Oh this looks epic! the colours are fantastic and everything looks so delicate. Brill image!

p.S thanks for your help!



wow, your final image looks fantastic! So much detail and the colours are great. I love the ethereal feel. Well done to you and best of luck!