Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Marley Mcleay


thank you very much for the kind words, holly :).

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99.9 percent complete.

I’ll spend sometime conjuring a story perhaps

and i may aswell call it final image, because i only plan a little work for the little characters, and thats it.

Spiritually fantastic journey, i learnt heaps, in technique and puzzle solving…

on an interaction level, i believe I found ‘EON’ more satisfying…MIND YOU i did join in the last half of the comp and the wheels were well and truly in motion!. and of course that means more people out and about :D…

in anycase

wishing all the best of luck for finishing!



DONE, im done…all good.

The gist of it all…The light structure in the middle is representative of the Original Alien species that started it all (Progenators)…

And how they have cast a long Light (or shadow) across the many generations of Aliens. Their Knowledge, the very basis of many species existence…

Now the human aspect is not entirely accurate to the novels…The relation of humans (or human like) here was inspired by Brian Aldiss’s “HotHouse” my most enjoyed reading experience i have ever had!!.

A reference to the very tall trees with human tribes attached to them

In essence there is a psychic attachment from the little figures to the main Alien…

more of a ‘mythological’ approach to the illustration, than actual depiction

And that was my mode of thinking when illustrating this.

Take care everyone



Wow! Finished already! That’s amazing. Well done! I love the dreamy feel about this illustration - it’s like a structure made of pure light and energy. Congratulations buddy, and good luck :thumbsup:


Beautiful colors, very nice work.


Nice colors and design Marley. It sucks that I an just now visiting your thread now(I think). i still do think that you can further push values to make this image pop even more. I’ve seen your previous works and this is your comfort zone, and I think I’m fine with that. I amazed with your handle of colors the most though. :thumbsup:


man u work fast!

the light and colour is as usual unique and fantastic…i’m not so hot on terms and theory but what would it look like with a bit more contrast (if that is the right term)?


Thanks to Beelow and Paul, i opened the file up and played around with different adjustment layers. Such as contrast, levels, saturation, curves etc.

It has made the colours more natural…a semms to have swallowed the middle up a little so will have to do more work…but in no way is this an issue with 41 days to go :P.



the newest version with the layers tweaked looks the best by far…the colors are much better


Amazing colours and lighting! I think the design is great as well, the space has an epic feel to it, an alien landscape that is beyond the understanding of humans.


Be proud Marley! You’ve come up with a unique and dreamy piece. One of a kind :thumbsup:


great! loved the colors!! really impressive!



Wow, a heap of comments, thank you so much everyone…its good timing to finish now becuase i feel a crook as a a cooked badger…



:smiley: many thanks my friend, a pleasure painting and recieving the feedback from you…your crit on the composition help set this in the right direction…thank yu so much for your input, appreciated…I’ll be hovering around your entry, its looking smashing :).


ACE mate thank you so much for dropping by and commenting… :slight_smile:

Hey the fact hat you visited anyways is appreciated…its really very early days so you would not ordinarily expect someone to be finished…unless your renowned for it and your name starts with “baron” hehe…hey your crit was valuable, you are right that my art seems to be undercooked in the contrast department…I completely forgot about post work with adjustment layers and such, so took your advice seriously…

Thanks for very dropping by…and leaving a pretty useful and complimentary comment


PAUL, spot on the money!!..yea its something that beelow picked up on aswell, and have since done adjustments which seem to work for the better :D…thanks so much for the support!

[/b]I am so glad you think so, thank you for the feedback…certainly appreciated

Extremely Flattering Comment :smiley: haha…wow thank you so much…your description helps me because you never are quite sure what people will be seeing…

cheers mate and have a good day


:bounce: cheer mate, when i was doing the concepts earlier on, i could not help but think i was treading old ground…I am not worried about winning, i was more concerned about producing something that people weren’t quite so familiar with, and giving people a unique journey…so in my mind, with all the comments i 've been getting it seems my mission was a success.

cheers and good luck with your beautiful entry also!!.


I am really pleased, you got enjoyment out of the piece, thank you for taking the time to let me know!!.

Thanks once again to everyone, i shal now lie down and rest:sad:…

take care and best of luck to all.



Great image, so full of color and light. I haven’t really begun my own yet, very, kick in the pants, get to work, motivation on your part to be done soo early.


haha, that cracks me up :P…glad i am inadvertantly inspirational…

thank you for dropping by, hammajamma



This is absolutely gorgeous! I liked all your concepts too. Lovely colours!


Its really nice! good palete !
just as a comment i find maybe too many interest point … maybe thats not bad at all. i have the same issue with mine. just trying to not get lost in many elements.


Final Image? Wow that fast, very nice art:thumbsup:, nice color too:thumbsup:.
Best of luck to you:)


Andy, totally appreciated mate. thank you very much…yea the colors for the concepts struck me with how rich they were…after staring at this piece for ages :).



Spot on observation…yes it was something that was bothering me…i notice especially around the green planet area…i’ve since dowsed that area in a blue hue and it seems to smooth that area alot. but still lots of competition…In anycase i still feel i’ve achieved what i was after with this piece…

I may still complete another illustration…we’ve got a rediculous amount of time left still, so who knows :).


JoPu, heh, thanks but completing in short time does not necessarily equal the best…wish it did, but doesn’t, I may come back and start another more accurate illustration sometime in the future.

Thanks very much you 3



You allready finished? Congratulations man! I just remembered that I wanted to leave a message here and now it’s all over lol… Very cool image!

Good luck and all the best!