Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Marley Mcleay


Sweet image, you have really captured the alien atmosphere very well! :thumbsup: Great misty palette.

Matt :slight_smile:


driving it all home now…still undecided as to how the right hand side should be dealt with. but moving mr green over that area opened up a hole in the middle of the image, so that was no solution. (i realize he is a bit wooden)…

Have learnt a lesson or three…all you can ask for :smiley:



Just a wee bit more work done on the colouring at ground level…adjusted left arm on tall creature…Pushing on :slight_smile:



MBENYA hi matt, im sorry completly skipped your comment altogether…just a quick thanks for dropping by :D.



wow, was sitting staring at my image (as one does) and saw an opportunity for a bridge to be illustrated right were the mid structure is…i think it works…be interesting to see what you all think?. carry on this way?.

cool beans and tomato, Batman



OK to see if i could go this way, i have spent sometime mucking in, so to speak…hummmm yea it could go this way :shrug:



gorgeous colors ^^
I think it’s better if the main focus is on the right. Human eyes tend to lean more to the right.(Reason why in web/magazine most text/menu are on the left ^^)


Wow! You are a master of light! (and very cool artwork! :slight_smile: ) Your work shows off a very grand and celestial relationship in the subjects, outstanding! The scale of the subjects and the top center focus of the light works brilliantly. Great job at showing a human-alien relationship. I’ll certainly be watching your work !


Wow Marley. The colors in this piece are truly amazing. And this only the beginning! I’ll keep an eye on your progress.


Ahh thank you 3 very much :smiley:


[/b]Yea thanks, Peter…now are you saying you preffer it to be flipped horizontally or are you liking the new direction?.

or C: both A and B :smiley: hahaha

I have infact locked that into thought, Thanks very much mate



he scale of the subjects and the top center focus of the light works brilliantly.

THANK YOU i am glad you said that becaus ei was debating wether it should stay there at all…In anycase i found your art to posses a potentially beautiful light source aswell :P, thanks

Take care, Josh, best of luck to you too!

Cheers very much for the flattering Praise but i’d hasten to add i consider myself to be 75 percent done, well around that mark anyway :P…So its only likely to be tidied up rather than anything drastic taking place…having said that considering what happened in my last post i wouldn’t rule out anything more.

Hey cheers, pal :smiley:



awesome colours my friend! :eek: me especially love the alien design :love: i’ve said it before … and i think its worth mentioning again … your work so amazingly dreamy! :love:
cheers to you! :beer:


The more I look at your works, my friend, the more I’m convinced that your nick is perfect, you are a sovereign of lights.


hmmmmm, unsure…seems i am searching for that one piece in the puzzle to tie it all in…i’ve been sifting thru earlier developements and it seems i had it pretty good earlier on…in anycase i have 3 months so i’m not exactly fretting :).



Wow! This is looking great. The composition seems to be working heaps better now too. Really cool updates buddy. I love your use of colour


Looking good, you’re developing a convincing other-worldly feel. The main alien’s left arm bothers me a bit, it seems to be twisted in a strange manner; perhaps you need to look at that?


This is really coming along mate, especially with that ethereal palette of yours. I knew this challenge was definately up your street :slight_smile:


Ah, I really like the bright colors here. You pull them off well. I wanna know the story here, since I’ve never read the books.



G’day, thanks for visiting my thread…well actually its not entirely accurate to the novel, once i read that the book can be used as inspiration only i took a new direction of my own…I used a technique i fall upon if i am not feeling any inspiration…you can see it earlier on in my thread…
I’m trying to get a mythological feel into my piece where over the hundreds of generations of uplifted creature, there was one constant star…I wanted to somehow leave an icon to represent that these beings were uplifted by humans many thousands of years in the furture…but as this piece has developed its not fitting as strongly (in the earlier stages i had work of A Dolphin a Human and a Chimp carved in stone riight were the cloud under the eagle is have a look of my post made on the 29th…

right now like most my pieces, i shall wait and see and keep formulating.

Yea, thanks for the vote of confidence, bill…To be honest i wasn’t feeling any of my earlier concepts, so when i checked the FAQs and saw you needn’t have read the book…the gate swung a little :smiley:

thanks very much, Bill

Hmm, yea its not something i am seeing instantly there, or obviously i would have have treated teh symptom, but i shall whip out my loomis and see what can be done :slight_smile: one could also say his legs are a tad short…(even if they are a dirty liquid.

thanks so much for the crit, Simon…i’m glad your piece has hit the skies nicely :smiley:

Awesome, i am glad you think so, david…because as it was going on i @ some points was thinking this is too jumbled, thankfully the different tonal range has allieviated alot of the issues!

That is a great compliment, Tiz…thank you… I remember when i first set up the name that it sounded kinda preachy, but i have come to really appreciate it, because lighting has become one of my favourite aspects of producing any artwork…and hey if one can bring light into anyones life in some way, such as even looking at a piece of artwork, that has got to be a positive…I like to make people feel transported to a nice place these days

cheers very much…


eeeeh neville, always a pleasure to see you here, dreamy is all good, but i think its becuase of my love of light that makes it especially dreamy…might be my wierd compositions that i like doing aswell…

thanks for dropping by neville, appreciated :).

Thanks all again, for visiting



Further down the line, tidied up a lot still trying to sort out the central lighting.

Thanks everyone



fantastic colors! very dream like, this is an inspiring peice!