Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Marley Mcleay


worked a little more, plus have decided to play around with colour…

I was worried that some of the colours were going to be flat…a natural side effect of multiplying colours but that seemed minimal even at this early stage, so colouring in general I should not think will be an issue…thank gosh



Wonderful progress. I like the sense of scale and alien look about the scene. The fibrous look about the large figures is both intriguing and believable. I notice the composition is very much more concentrated on the right side of the frame than the left (I keep wanting to pan the ‘camera’ to the right a little bit) but as this is only an early WIP then I’m guessing that subtleties like that have plenty of time to be sorted out.

Excellent updates :thumbsup:


hey marley, i really like your linework. good luck mate


Not final colours by any means but having a heap of fun, lead to some interesting results for sure…Perhaps a little to much dancing colours pulling the eye out of the central focus…

in any case, getting there and thats the main thing



Holy hell, COMMENTS :open_mouth: hehehehe

MARK yea i know what you mean, maybe a canvas extension may be in order here, well see. I did play with more colours and seems to have expanded the eyes journey left a little more.

Glad you liek my work, Thank you, its a relief to hear feedback :slight_smile:


[/b]Awesome, glad you appreciate my linework, mate…its fairly ambiguos in the early stages and leaves its interpretation wide open…Thats my favourite way to work, being non focused.

Thank you

Mark and Markus…:scream:



Hello Marley. Very Ethereal work you have going on. Your work reminds me of a tonalist painter. All mood and lighting. Very unique style. Can’t wait to see more.



i really like your sketching style!
awesome work…love the concepts too!

best of luck


have kept David’s suggestion critique in mind and have given more space to the right from the left…looks good…

this is possibly the most pleasurable experience in digi painting i have had in long memory


Sorry mark I called you David, that was stupid, im sorry!


Brad and Simon so cool of you guys to drop in and comment, it sis very much appreciated.

Take care



your concepts are looking great mate! Your sense of scale and composition are superb. And i like the lighting etc also. Best of luck to you :smiley:


oh beautiful colors as usual from you Marley :slight_smile:


Hehe… I thought I recognized your color scheme ^^. Nice composition as always. Looking forward to it. The designs are really cool, especially that big structure. (wait… is it a structure or giant alien?) ^^

Thanks for your suggestion on my thread! ^^


This is coming along well! I have a slight problem with the composition but that might clear up as your work progresses.

At the moment I’m having trouble identifying the focus of the piece, and also the left-hand side seems empty and may benefit from being cropped just to the left of the left-most human.

Looking good though, I’ll be keeping an eye on it! :slight_smile:


Well cool and really stylish already, Marley. Progress should be fascinating to watch.


Thanks for the comments and critiques everyone. greatly appreciated…

Have dropped some photographic texture into the mix and came up with an interesting result…

Threw in a Harrier Hawk too. only because we had one land on our front lawn today (apparently a rare treat) and became inspired :slight_smile:

Good night!



Just a little experiment here…i couldn’t find the right colour for the planet…or wether i was going to keep various items…(hawk, central structure, etc)


yup i know what you mean about narrative, i just seem to be slinging what ever comes my way…unfortunately i seem to be enjoying it :P…I’m not worried where i end up, just darned pleased to be back in the illustrators seat.

Cheers mate, your crits are locked and loaded


Wow! this is a cool start :thumbsup: this colour scheme and characters are verry interesting.I`m looking forward for more art from you :bounce:


sorry double post


Dood - Great work as usual…missed you in DWIII…



Hey awesome of you to visit, i’ve seen your name around for sometime…maybe you were in EON?

Really nice of you to come and visit, i totally appreciate the kind words :slight_smile:


hehe, yea, sorry bout the DWIII issue…I have infact done alot of work on my character, but i hit a brick wall with my health…DOING THIS PIECE has been amazingly therapeutic…Emotionally, this is my best piece in a long time, and i’d just done the NVidia competition, and they don’t hold a candle to whats being done here…I suppose all i learnt from the hard work from those pieces, have helped me here.

Thanks for dropping by, Paul

Good luck to you too!