Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Marley Mcleay


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Latest Update: Final Image: A Star for Genrations


off to the library tomorrow…wishing everyone the best of luck :slight_smile:



Hello, Marley!

Best of luck and a lot of fun to you!


very cool stories that i have read so far…have to rely on the snippets on davids website as our local library is due to close and relocate…i would be able to ‘interloan’ the book but would not get it until mid april…and im sorry but i can’t wait that long :P…

ok really like the idea of sundiving…unfortunately reading up on why the sun was haunted kinda spoiled it all :smiley: haha…but this is what interested me

“Solarians - Species living in the Earth’s sun. Large donut shaped colorful beings. Used by the Soro clan in Sundiver to try and discredit Earthclan. Jacob Demwa helped defeat this plan by exposing the Pring’s special abilities.”

ok so i also read somewhere that the pring were trying to hide an ability, i thinkl it was holographic ability?..im unsure but somehow i latched onto this
(If i’m off its because i am extrapolating from different tidbits).

This series of an image is basically truths revealed via special technique…Culla and jacob, with a soro clan memeber.(im sure he has a name) in the back.

the image is not entirely reality but an image brought up as if in a holodeck from trek…thats how i am intepreting so far!.

NOT A FINAL BY ANY MEANS, there is still alot of material to sift thru…an incredible amount.

other thing that took my fancy was the giant spacehip yard (moonsized, how awesome :P.)

anyways enough of my ramblings



Good luck Marley, I think this challenge was made for you!


Hey Marley, great to see you in this one! Good luck mate!


Still trying to flush the donuts out :P…in actuality, it has stronger lines but fails to communicate anything between human and alien, (exception of alien and sentient being “donut”)…

in anycase, i’m happy illustratin, thats gotta be good…

(looks kinda nice flipped round 90degrees aswell.)

Tiziano, Bill, Mark…Awesome to have you here, thanks for the support (nice to know i got mates :nod: )

Take care




How are you man? It’s been a while. Nice consepts. It will be an enjoyable experience to see your progress untill the final stage. Looking forward to see what you will end up with. You always have beautiful use of colors. The best of luck man.



Hello my friend :smiley:

great to see ya!, hope you are thinking of entering aswell, that’d be very good!..well ive been fine…not too active artistically, with the exception of my NVart entries, been quiet.

Have good news, that i was able to score ‘Startide Rising’ and ‘Uplift Wars’ down at the local saturday markets, Bloody brilliant…can’t wait to sink my teeth into these novels.

So prolly no concepts for a while yet.(no rush :slight_smile: )




a re hash of the previous concept, morphed into a dream sequence toshio had in “startide rising”.

Likable, but i find i have done many similar compositions so likely not to go down this road


Having read that one does not have to be entirely faithful to the book i went back to the drawing book (pad in my case) and scribbled some circles together (a favourite past time) Up top is the mess and down below is line art i scavenged from the mess on a separate layer…


some work down the line, enjoying it, which is all good


You’ve been busy and I like what you’re doing. The composition of that last one has some interesting parts to it. I love the way you’ve done those donut guys too. Great stuff, Marley :thumbsup:


Interesting visions, i am keeping an eye for that


hey thank you both very much, its great to get feed back on the matter.

Glad you like my donuts mark, well i 'll finish this piece and see what we get then start up on some more donuts, im pretty sure there will be ample time…Thank you

thats a great compliment…Appreciate people finding interest in my visions…

Thank you aswell



Nice start, Marley, I’m particularly liking posts #7 and #10 - #7 for the impression of scale and #10 for the atmosphere. If I had to choose I’d go for #10 so far but as you say, plenty of time! Look forward to seeing more :thumbsup:


just a little more down the track, accept i was suddenly reminded of one of my favourite novels…“Hothouse” by Brian Adliss…That book has engaged my imagination like no other…anyways, reference to one of the skyscraper trees that had human tribes attached by a vine from the head to the top of this really giant of a tree (i think it stood a mile high)One of the lil blokes kept was really funny…in anycase, thats it for the night…nearly 2am here


Dam it takes ages to comment, i dislike having to wait for all images to load b4 getting a word in :P.

Hey simon, cheers for visiting…i see why you like the images and thank you for explaining your reasons.

For post #10 i just felt a good sense of been there done that…Not only by me, but by probably 90% of all budding sci-fi artists, or Jim Burns fans…Yea i need to feel that i am treading new ground these days, if only to just keep my interest…Im really liking where i’m of to with “Upscend” now :)…

hey thanks for dropping by, Simon, appreciated



hmm, getting it sorted, actually remarkably therapeutic…EON was stress all the way, here i’m as happy as Larry the cable guy!


Really happy, kinda zonked, 2.18am here, (twice in a row, long time since i’ve done that)…

good morning to all who visits :slight_smile: